Nursing Assignment-UK.

Unit Title: Nursing
Word Count: 2,500 words
Students will identify a leadership issue you have observed from adult nursing clinical placement , critically analyse drawing on the key concepts and theories within the module. (2,500 words +/- 10%) (LOs 1-5).
Assessed learning outcome (s):
1.Critically appraise and integrate research evidence that informs clinical practice and decision making to achieve safe quality outcomes
2.Critically evaluate how management and leadership styles,motivation and behaviours showing political awareness affect a safe,cost effective quality service in Adult health care
3.Appraise and apply local/national policies and legal frameworks which promote a culture of safety, risk prevention and safeguarding of vulnerable patients, the public and colleagues across the health and social care economies
4.Critically examine how communication skills and decision making processes in leadership encompass diversity
5.Analytically appraise concepts related to teaching and learning within health and social care environment
Nursing Assignment-UK.

Nursing Assignment

The essay should be either Arial/Calibri 11 or 12 font (or the equivalent font type) with 1.5 line spacing. You will need to reference using the Harvard referencing system

You will need to write a clear introduction that informs the marker of the content of your essay. You should provide an overall aim and then briefly describe the objectives /specific areas of discussion that will be addressed

Main Body/Discussion:
There should be a main body of critical analytical discussion that closely examines the chosen leadership issue, that you have observed in your relevant field of nursing practice, whilst working on placement. The discussion should address all module learning outcomes.The critical discussion should apply the theory learned within the module to practice,
examine and clearly articulate key concepts and facets of leadership, communication,decision making and safe professional clinical practice, related to your nursing field of practice and the observed leadership issue. Application and scrutiny of relevant professional body standards, policies and guidelines should be evident within the discussion.

The conclusion should summarise the key salient findings of your discussion and should not resemble a checklist of the completion of stated aims and objectives contained within the introduction.

Nursing Assignment-UK.

Nursing Assignment

Think about what has be learned from examining the leadership issue/incident. How does it inform future practice from a professional leadership perspective? Review the general aim of the module and consider what impression/ impact this has on the type of professional leader that the NMC expects to provide care to patients, support relatives and staff.

Identify a leadership issue which has been observed during placement experiences, critically analyse the issue drawing on key concepts and theories from the module content, for example; team working, delegation, education

Assignment criteria:
A clear rationale for the topic choice. Outstanding discussion and justification of topic selected

Discussion: Content:
Relevant and informative, applying depth of knowledge and understanding. Excellent and well-informed understanding of theories and concepts involved.

Nursing Assignment-UK.

Nursing Assignment

Clear conclusions from the literature and topics discussed in the work. Tightly structured, logical and draws coherent conclusions to the topics covered.

Reference to sources including directions for further study. Broad and relevant readings examined and used selectively in the work.

Clearly presented with limited spelling and grammatical errors. Very well expressed and understanding of content with limited spelling or grammatical errors.

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