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“The impact of digital technology on business activity”

Assignment Theme on (RQF) L5 The Impact of Digital Technology on Business Activity : Digital technology has revolutionised the way people conduct business. Over the last decade, it has dramatically changed traditional business models and transformed business activities. The use of digital technology (in particular mobile) has provided businesses with a wealth of choice and opportunity. This has enabled existing products and services to become more profitable and innovative new offerings to be developed, leading to increasingly diverse product-offering portfolios.

(RQF) L5 The Impact of Digital Technology on Business Activity

Its impact is evident at the core of all key business systems on Research Project (L5) “The impact of digital technology on business activity”:

  • Administration – cloud technology enables effective filing, storage and sharing of information.
  • Communication – social media and mobile technology allows businesses to connect,
  • communicate, collaborate and build relationships on a global scale.
  • Storage and Distribution – `The Internet of Things’ is connecting and integrating systems throughout business structures.
  • Production – Artificial intelligence and big data analytics are driving Innovation and product growth. .

You should identify a specific problem or issue related to the theme (“The impact of digital technology on business activity”) and write a research proposal outlining the issues as a problem statement – identifying the research objectives necessary to address your research question. The research proposal should include a relevant literature review which supports and justifies your research objectives. This will form the basis of your research project. When you have completed the research proposal, you should complete an ethics form and get this approved by your tutor.

You must carry out and conduct the whole research project yourself to show your independent enquiry and critical analysis throughout.

What you must do:

LO1 Conduct appropriate research methodology which integrates knowledge into the research process.

  • Based on your chosen business research project, produce a research proposal that clearly defines a research question or hypothesis, supported by a literature review [P1].
  • In order to carry out the research, examine appropriate research methods and conduct primary and secondary research [P2]
  • To achieve M1, you should evaluate the different the research approaches and methodology, and make justifications for the choice of methods you have selected based on philosophical/theoretical framework

LO2 Conduct and analyse research relevant for a business research project.

  • Based on your chosen business research project, conduct primary and secondary research using appropriate methods that take into account costs, access and ethical issues [P3]
  • Having collected your primary research, apply appropriate analytical tools to analyse researchfindings and data [P4]
  • To achieve M2, you should discuss the merits, limitations and pitfalls of approaches to data collection and analysis you used.
  • To achieve D1, you should critically evaluate the research methodologies and processes in application to a business research project of your choice to justify the chosen methods and analysis.

LO3 Communicate the outcomes of a research project to identified stakeholders.

  • Now that you have completed your research project, communicate the research outcomes in an appropriate manner for the intended medium [P5]
  • To achieve M3, you should communicate the outcomes coherently and logically to the intended audience demonstrating how outcomes meet the set research objectives you developed in the research proposal.
  • To achieve D2, you should critically evaluate the research outcomes and make valid, justified recommendations.

LO4 Reflect on the application of research methodologies and concepts.

  • To help you learn from the research project, reflect on the effectiveness of research methods you applied for meeting the objectives of your chosen business research project [P6] and evaluate alternative research methodologies and lessons you have learnt in view of the outcomes of your research project [P7]
  • To achieve M4, you should provide critical reflection and insight that result in recommended actions for improvements and future research considerations.
  • To achieve D3, you should demonstrate reflection and engagement in the resource process leading to recommended actions for future improvement.

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