001_CWRK Design Your Own Person Centred Care Plan Assignment 1  – UK

Unit Code :- 001_CWRK
Unit Title :– Design Your Own Person Centred Care Plan
Word Count :-The word count for assignment 1 is 2000 words + 2-3 pages for your care plan.This
includes everything you have written excluding the reference list.
001_CWRK Design Your Own Person Centred Care Plan Assignment 1  – UK

001_CWRK Design Your Own Person Centred Care Plan Assignment 1

Person hood is a standing or status that is bestowed upon one human being, by others.

For your first assignment, you are required to write your own person centred care plan based around Kit wood’s model of person hood.

You will need to translate and develop the learning from the module around Kit wood’s person centred care. Consider what is important to you, as an individual, and how your needs, expectations and desires can best be translated into a plan of care.

There are two sections to this assignment.

Section 1: Your Care Plan
A care plan should be empowering and proactive. Think of a vehicle for your care plan what does it look like? Think about how other people will read your care plan and respond to it. You might want to adapt an existing template, or choose to create your own.

Think carefully about what information your care plan needs in order to be ‘person centred’.

Think about a creative approach to designing your care plan. We would encourage you to ask yourselves in the care plan: What makes this care plan stand out from the other 20+ that staff may be needing to read? You may want to include pictures, photos and videos to enhance your work. If you wish to include a video it should be no longer than 1 minute. Your care plan should between 2-3 pages.

Your care plan should demonstrate your engagement with the course and an understanding of key learning outcomes. Consider how your care plan:

1.Demonstrates your critical understanding of the range of personal and social factors which influence the lived experience of dementia;
2. Actively promotes the concept of living well with dementia.

Top Tips :
1.The care plan will be written as if for yourself in the future when if you have dementia; for example, you might include difficulties you have with personal care or sleeping that need to be considered; who would you need around you, would there be any key things that need to be considered ie you might want music playing during personal care tasks to help reduce anxiety. What is likely to make you distressed and how could you be supported with this? What would be your needs for dignity and privacy?

2.Although marking for assignments is anonymous, we recognise that for this first care plan assignment, it would be difficult to achieve anonymity as you are writing about yourselves and may include pictures or a video.

001_CWRK Design Your Own Person Centred Care Plan Assignment 1  – UK

001_CWRK Design Your Own Person Centred Care Plan Assignment 1  

3.Even if you already write care plans, doing some reading around care plans and what constitutes a good care plan may be a good starting point. You may wish to use a format or proforma to structure your work or a combination of several– there will be plenty to choose from and you should offer some critique to demonstrate your decision making.

4.You might choose for the care plan to be at a moment in time or over a period of time –you may include, for example, what you would want in relation to end of life.

5.You can demonstrate knowledge of dementia and its impact on function by identifying yourself as having a sub-type of dementia. You would then highlight a difficulty that this may cause due to the part of the brain affected and then evidence a strategy to support you with this difficulty.

Section 2: Providing evidence linked to the choices in your care plan
We also want you to submit a written section to accompany your care plan, this is to provide evidence (with references to research and Kitwood’s theory) of your reasoning and the choices you are making. This will partly relate to you as an individual, your values, preferences, likes and dislikes but in addition you will need to provide referenced evidence so for example, if you are wanting to be involved in a choir or
drama group, what is the evidence for the value of this as a therapeutic activity? In addition, you also need to consider national policies and guidelines for your country which are influencing care – for example the rhetoric and reality. You also may want to consider international direction such as from the World Health Organisation.

If you have chosen to use an existing care plan template or to adapt a template, explain your choice and critically appraise the template you have chosen to use.

Ensure you have a balance between the information in the care plan and the amount of words you will need to be able to offer the depth of critique/ evidence to achieve an M level piece of work.

Over length Assignments :- Please refer to University policy regarding over length assignments in the Academic Regulation section of the Student Hub

Please Note :
1)Please submit this assignment electronically via Canvas as an MS Word document. If you have used lots of images and the file size is large, please allow plenty of time for the upload to take place, ideally on your PC or laptop with a dedicated internet connection.
2)Please read carefully the University guidelines on how to present and submit an assignment. It is important that you reference using the Harvard system and that you follow the correct presentation guidelines – additional information can be found on the student hub.
3)Submit work in Calibri, 12pt with 1.5 line spacing.
4)Please insert an initial sheet contained student number, assignment title and word count.
5)Avoid use of direct quotes – these can eat into your word count and generally are just offering a description or definition whereas you need to present analysis and synthesis.
6)You should not reference course content as it is unpublished. If a point is made in the context of the course content, you should seek an original source for this.
7)Do not use abbreviations in your assignments.
8)Avoid use of acronyms – if you are going to use them then ensure you provide an initial explanation the first time you use it for example: WHO (World Health Organisation).
9)Ensure you proof read your work carefully before submission to ensure clarity and consistency.
10)Ensure you pay close attention to the assignment guidelines; answering what has been asked of your and CRUCIALLY checking that you are meeting the learning outcomes for the module.

001_CWRK Design Your Own Person Centred Care Plan Assignment 1  – UK

001_CWRK Design Your Own Person Centred Care Plan Assignment 1  

Academic Regulations, Marking and Assessment
Visit the Student Hub and Course Hub for essential information on academic regulations, marking and assessment.

We strongly advise you to read the pages below in full. Access the Student Hub and Course Hub via your Canvas Dashboard.

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