23 Systems Methodology Assignment-BTEC UK

Learning aim(s):
B: Apply systems methodology tools and techniques to identify
and solve a computing problem
C: Review a solution to a computing problem.
23 Systems Methodology Assignment-BTEC UK

23 Systems Methodology Assignment

Vocational Scenario or Context:
You have just started work as a junior system analysist at Systems 4 training a system analysist and design company. You have been asked to join the team that will design and develop a new system for Berkshire 4 training College.

The team consist of a Project Manager, three senior system analysts, one other junior system analyst, six system developers and two software testers.

Berkshire 4 training need an overhaul of their current system and has requested that you at Systems 4 training carry out focus groups with the key stakeholders to investigate the user requirements. The stakeholders are also required to test the online payment portal.

Systems 4 training are very concerned about Data Protection legislation requirements, the user ability to use the system and payment process security.

The online system should be easy to use, capture all of the required information and link to an online database recruitment records, processing of payments and gathering of student results. Berkshire 4 training have requested that stakeholders test the pilot system to ensure that it is fully functional before it is launched.

More information about the College
Berkshire 4 training are a small college based in the Berkshire area. They run four different BTEC courses (that is four different subject areas). They have 200 students in total and 50 per course. Each student lives in one of 5 towns within the Berkshire area. Management (under Jack Lucky) have stated that there are issues with repeating groups of data that they would like you to resolve.

23 Systems Methodology Assignment-BTEC UK

23 Systems Methodology Assignment

The aim is to understand the boundary of the system, the information flows as well as the data stores that are being impacted from those flows. Those flows are driven by real world events. A system is required that will process the training course of lecturers as well as the recruitment of students and staff. Also student grade enquiries. The data must be correctly modelled and analysed as there may be repetitions in data flows as well as unnecessary repeating data. Staff are aware that some flows may happen more often than needed and that tasks are repeated. Is there a way that it can be
made more convenient?

Task 1:
Develop a solution for the new system, using appropriate systems methodologies.

Your Project Manager has also asked for a project timescale.

Your first task is to define the problem statement by providing:

  • a project proposal and description
  • a problem opportunity
  • carry out a (SWOT) analysis
  • a project problem definition
  • the project goals and environment.

You should then evaluate the criteria that can affect the choice of
methodology for the:

  • stakeholder’s requirements and problem domain
  • type of system being developed and the security requirements of data protection
  • development context for technical, time and financial costs.

Develop the solution by using appropriate systems methodology techniques such as conceptual models and data flow diagrams (DFD) using appropriate drawing tools to model the solution.

Evaluate the choice of systems methodology tools and techniques used to provide a solution for the college system.

Arrange a meeting with the Project Manager to discuss your proposed solution so that you can justify your choice of systems methodology tools and techniques. Create a questionnaire to take with you to the meeting to ensure that you collect all of the information that you require. Keep a
record of all correspondence and meetings so that you can assess potential improvements to the solution in light of the discussions.

It is now time to evaluate the process of applying a systems methodology to a computing problem in order to develop a proposed solution for Iceland waterways.Evaluate the sources of information, including problem statement,application of systems methodology, application of systems
methodology techniques and tools, referring to appropriate feedback received to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the systems methodology and the development process undertaken throughout.

Evaluate the:

  • sources of information, including problem statement,application of systems methodology, application of systems methodology techniques and tools, feedback from others
  • testing and measurement activities undertaken
  • record keeping used for the systems methodology in relation to design, testing and modifications
  • requirements and the extent to which these have been met
  • feedback from others/client and outcomes of action taken
  • the technology constraints
  • strengths and weaknesses of systems methodology tools and techniques
  • development decisions and priority setting
  • management of own time and progress
  • your production skills in developing the designs against the college’s requirements.

In the last section of the report you should evaluate your skills, knowledge and behaviour:

  • your time management and planning
  • how you used the feedback from your manager
  • investigation techniques used such as the interview
  • how you managed the system expectations
  • your own behaviour and the impact on the system outcomes, to include professionalism, etiquette, supportive of others, timely and appropriate leadership, accountability.
  • your recommendations and decisions.
23 Systems Methodology Assignment

23 Systems Methodology Assignment-BTEC UK

Checklist of evidence required:

  • project timescale
  • a report outlining the problem statement and criteria which affect the choice of methodology
  • systems methodology techniques and tools used
  • development process and outcomes
  • record of meetings, questionnaire and how you have used the feedback
  • evaluation of the use of systems methodology
  • conclusion of improvements that could be made to the solution and skills evaluation

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