314MANSC-EL Business Management & Leadership Project Assignment-Coventry University UK

Assessment Brief:
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314MANSC-EL Business Management & Leadership Project Assignment-Coventry University UK

314MANSC-EL Business Management & Leadership Project Assignment

Over the course of your degree programme assignments have been provided to assess your level of knowledge, understanding and application. This is your opportunity to choose a topic or idea that you can investigate based on your experience and areas of interest within the discipline. This submission may be used to enhance your employ ability and future interests.

Completion of this assignment will address the following learning outcomes:
1.Identify a management or business issue which can be analysed using a project framework.
2.Critically evaluate the importance of ethical practice when undertaking action research or research in a business setting.
3.Identify and justify a suitable methodology for the research which will include for example: quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods methodologies

Title: Your Proposal
Your 1,500 word research proposal should focus on a key and relevant topic of your choice. It should consist of the following elements. An Introduction to include the project aims, research question(s), research objectives, scope and justification. It should also include a brief indicative literature review accompanied by a methodology. All Project Proposals and the Project must have received ethics approval in advance. In this research proposal, you should cover learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3.

314MANSC-EL Business Management & Leadership Project Assignment-Coventry University UK

314MANSC-EL Business Management & Leadership Project Assignment

Guidance notes and considerations
Late Submission
If you are not able to complete your coursework on time due to extenuating circumstances, the ONLY way to receive an extension (up to 5 working days) or a deferral (anything longer than 5 working days) is to contact a Registry team member located at your specific CU site.
CU Coventry
CU London
CU Scarborough

  • Extenuating circumstances are defined by CU as ‘genuine circumstances beyond your control or ability to foresee, and which seriously impair your assessed work’.
  • Please note that you will need to provide third party evidence to support your reasoning for requiring an extension or deferral.
  • Your course tutor is NOT able to approve an extension or a deferral, if you have not completed the official forms and had your request approved your work will count as not submitted and receive a zero mark.

Plagiarism and Malpractice

  • You are encouraged to check the originality of your work by using the draft Turnitin links on your Moodle Web.
  • Collusion between students (where sections of your work are similar to the work submitted by other students in this or previous module cohorts) is taken extremely seriously and will be reported to the academic conduct panel. This applies to all coursework and exam answers.
  • A marked difference between your writing style, knowledge and skill level demonstrated in class discussion, any test conditions and that demonstrated in a coursework assignment may result in you having to undertake a Viva Voce in order to prove the coursework assignment is entirely your own work.
  • If you make use of the services of a proof reader in your work you must keep your original version and make it available as a demonstration of your written efforts.
  • You must not submit work for assessment that you have already submitted (partially or in full), either for your current course or for another qualification of this university, unless this is specifically provided for in your assignment brief or specific course or module information.

Where earlier work by you is citable, ie. it has already been published/submitted, you must reference it clearly. Identical pieces of work submitted concurrently will also be considered to be self-plagiarism.

Guideline for Research Proposal

  • Topic: Write out your research topic clearly at the top of the page
  • Introduction (About 200 words)
  • Brief background of the concept you research topic
  • Why this area and indeed the topic is of interest to you
  • Indicate who bill benefit from the outcome of your research/the gap that your research findings will fill.
  • Research Questions (About 100 words):This is breaking down your research topic into manageable areas that will guide the research.
  • State minimum of 3 Research Questions
  • Explain why your research topic is of academic/practical importance
  • Research Aims and Objectives (About 100 words):
  • Outline the main objectives of your research
  • Providing details of two or three key aspects of your research
  • Literature Review (About 400 words):
    Write a short literature review, indicating the importance of previous related research or investigated literature
  • Discuss how your own research question might make a useful contribution to the area/sector
  • Research Methodology (About 500 words):
  • State the main Research Techniques (interviews, case studies, modelling etc.) & state whether you will be using quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods methodologies and why you want to use that method
  • State advantages and disadvantages of your chosen method
  • Indicate your suggested data collection procedures, indicating sources and any expected difficulties
  • Explain any analytical techniques you intend to use and why that choice
314MANSC-EL Business Management & Leadership Project Assignment

314MANSC-EL Business Management & Leadership Project Assignment-Coventry University UK

  • Ethical Considerations(About 100 words):
  • Explain the importance of ethical issues in academic research
  • Explain how and why you will comply with CU ethical guidelines
  • Proposed Timescale (About 100 words):
  • This is better done using Gantts Chart (Remember that this is a 6 weeks Project and your timeline should not be longer than 6 weeks
  • Reference List:
  • List the references in your proposal or provide a short bibliography. (Remember that this should be the list of your intended sources info/data that you have/would use for both CW1 and CW2.

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