367LON Financial Management Assignment – UK.

Subject Code & Title : 367LON Financial Management
Assessment Type : Assignment
Word Limit : 2000 words
100% in Coursework and Exam as follows:
Case study – Individual Coursework (25%)
End of Course Assessment is an Examination (75%)
Pass requirements :

Module Mark must be at least 40%In modules with more than one component, there may normally be provision for a compensation band to enable good performance on one component to offset failure in another component. In such cases the minimum mark required is 35%.
367LON Financial Management Assignment – UK.

367LON Financial Management Assignment

Learning Outcomes :-
1.Apply financial theory to advice on the profitable and efficient utilisation of the company’s assets.
2.Make critical decisions involving the risk/return trade off when making financial decisions.
3.Use financial management techniques to deal with open-ended financial problems.
4.Critically assess the tools and techniques of financial management and control.

Method of Assessment – Individual Coursework
Intended module learning outcomes 1 & 2 (MLO1 & MLO2) above will be assessed as follows:
You are employed as an investment analyst by a fund management company, which has GBP100,000 under management. You are assigned the task of assessing the financial performance and position of ONE major company (of your choice) which is quoted on London stock exchange. Your objective is to make a recommendation of buy or sell based on your analysis of the company’s performance. You are NOT actually investing in the company.

Therefore, you are required to select any ONE company listed on the London stock exchange (NOTE: exclude banks and insurance companies).

Draft a report for submission to your manager, which will become the basis for an investment decision in your recommended company for an amount of GBP 100,000. In addition to this big responsibility, you should keep in mind that your annual bonus as well as future promotions will depend on how well your recommended company performs. This is your only chance to demonstrate your financial analysis skills to top management. Your manager has wished you “Good Luck” and now it is time to deliver!

367LON Financial Management Assignment – UK.

367LON Financial Management Assignment

Requirement :
Draft a report for the investment fund management in the form of an analysis of the financial performance and position of a company that incorporates the following:

1.Company profile description including brief background of the company, products or services, position in the industry, and basics

2.Analysis of recent financial statements, financial ratios, horizontal and vertical analysis. Critical analysis of ratios and their trends.Use a competitor and industry benchmark for comparison.

3.1-year stock price chart with relevant benchmark. Analyse stock price trend

4.Leverage ratios and evaluation of sources of corporate financing used by the company (debt and equity). Include industry and competitor comparison in your analysis. Do you agree with their choice of capital structure?

5.Recommendation: Justify your selection or rejection of the company as an investment based on the results of your analysis. Summarize only.

6.1 Page Business Exec. Summary & References MUST be included.

7.Do NOT attach annual reports!

367LON Financial Management Assignment – UK.

367LON Financial Management Assignment

You can utilize a variety of available sources (internet, newspapers, books, journals)and make reference to them.

Note: Do not copy and paste from sources within the report. The report must be written by you. Your critical analysis will be graded heavily in this assignment.

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