4SSPP109 Quantitative Methods Essay Assignment – UK

Unit Code & Title :- 4SSPP109 Quantitative Methods
Assignment Type :- Essay
Length :- 1000 words
Introduction :-
a.In this assignment we will compare two countries using data from the World Values Survy (WVS) and World Bank.
b. Both files can be downloaded on Keats.
c. It’s recommended that you read through the whole assignment before you get going Plan ahead what variables countries will be interesting to analyze.
4SSPP109 Quantitative Methods Essay Assignment – UK

4SSPP109 Quantitative Methods Essay Assignment

I Pick two countries to compare Look at the list of countries that are included in the World Value Survey Data – there are 49. Pick countries strategically to make a meaningful comparison. For example two countries in the same region or countries that share some characteristics but possibly vary in some key ways as well (e.g. US and Canada). Avoid picking countries that differ in virtually every way (e.g. Sweden and Papua New Guinea as it will be difficult to learn much by comparing any one outcome.

Justify your you decisions and briefly describe why you think the countries you’ve chosen are appropriate. You can use outside sources to give more context about each country (e.g. system of government ethnic divisions history current political or social problems).

Part 2 :-
I.The WB data set includes variables on a several economic and development indicators. Pick 3. Give values for your two countries and the world using graphs and a table of statistics.

II.Briefly comment on these results and where the countries fit into the world distribution.

Part 3 :-
1.Pick 3 more variables on anything that you feel is interesting to analyze from the WB data set. It will help if you pick a theme in this part. Pick 3 variables that address a particular topic (e.g. environment education etc…).
2.Give summary statistics using graphs where appropriate.
3.Briefly common on these results and where the countries fit into the world distribution.

Part 4
i.Pick 3 variables from Q58-Q89 or Q224-Q233. Provide a table with the mean median and standard deviation and histograms of each variable for each country.

ii.Compare responses for the 3 variables you chose between the 2 countries Test whether there is a statistically significant difference in responses between each country. Using the same 3 variables test whether there is a difference in between men’s and women’s response for each country.Interpret the test statistics in words and briefly comment on what they mean in this case. Specify the test hypotheses and assumptions.

iii.Is there a correlation between age (Q262) and response in each country?
Interpret these results.

Part 5
Reflect on the exercise as a whole. Do you see any patterns when comparing social capital trust in government with development indicators?

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