5BUS1038 Management Accounting For Business Decisions Assignment – UK.

Module Code :- 5BUS1038
Module Title:- Management Accounting for Business Decisions
Assignment Weighting :- 30%
Assignment Format & Maximum Word count :- An INDIVIDUAL set of written answers maximum 1,400 words +/-10%
5BUS1038 Management Accounting For Business Decisions Assignment – UK.

5BUS1038 Management Accounting For Business Decisions Assignment

Detailed Brief for Individual Assessment
Answer all the questions.
1.Marginal (or variable) costing (units 1 and 2):
Explain how marginal costing is used in business decision making. You should show an under standing of the uses of contribution, breakeven point and margin of safety.

2.Absorption (or full) costing (unit 3):
Explain the meaning and usefulness of absorption costing.

3.Budgetary Control (unit 6):
Explain the need for budgetary control and evaluate some of the limitations

4.Variances (unit 8):
On page four of this document you are given information for Beaumont Ltd. Explain the figures in the table and suggest possible reasons why they might have occurred.

5.Capital Investment Appraisal
There are four main methods of investment appraisal: Accounting Rate of Return Payback Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return. Briefly explain each method and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.

Any specific instructions:
Further advice on the subject matter will be given in the teaching material and in class. Marks will be awarded for showing the knowledge and understanding required by the questions.

Your assignment must be written in full sentences in a single document. You do not need to include introductions or conclusions. You may wish to consult the CASE guidelines for academic writing which are available via study net Academic Writing/Essays Reports Reflective Writing and Posters

Your work should be 1,400 words (+/- 10%) in length, not including the reference list and a penalty will be applied through a deduction of marks where this word-count is exceeded. Please be advised that in-text citations are included in and contribute towards your word-count.

You should include your student ID (but not your name) on the work and in the filename. Please use double line spacing and include your total word count.

You should use the teaching materials and the course textbook as your main source and may use other textbooks and professional accountancy sources. It is not necessary to research in academic journals. You will get little credit for referencing websites unless they are recognised professional sources as it is hard to judge their credibility.

Referencing must be complete and in accordance with the university’s standard referencing style Harvard Referencing. Marks will be deducted for incorrect or incomplete referencing. Your submission must be your own work and not copied. It will be checked for plagiarism which carries a severe penalty.

In the teaching materials and in class guidance will be given on how to approach this course work and further information will be given about the expectations of a successful assignment.Students requiring individual guidance and clarification should message or email the tutor and can request an online appointment.

Information on Beaumont Ltd for Question 4

Beaumont Ltd manufactures a product with the following standard costs:

5BUS1038 Management Accounting For Business Decisions Assignment

During November budgeted production was 54,000 units and actual production was 58,000 units.
The following actual results were reported:
Materials used: 8.2 litres per unit costing £1.85 per litre
Labour used: 0.72 hours per unit costing £13.00 per hour
Variable overheads: 0.72 hours per unit costing £6.35 per hour
Sales revenue 58,000 units at £46.50 each

The accountant has prepared the following report showing the variances from budget:

5BUS1038 Management Accounting For Business Decisions Assignment

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