5CN001 Brownfield Regeneration And Construction Technology Assignment-Wolverhampton University UK.

Module 5CN001 – Brownfield Regeneration and Construction Technology
Semester One and Two
Assessment Number 2
% of module mark 50%
5CN001 Brownfield Regeneration And Construction Technology Assignment-Wolverhampton University UK.

5CN001 Brownfield Regeneration And Construction Technology Assignment

Learning outcomes:
By the end of the module, you should be able to:
1. Apply subject knowledge and understanding in the conceptual and applied aspects of construction technology to commercial, Industrial and high rise use.
2.Investigate, analyse and evaluate relevant legislative, technical and environmental issues and draw compliant legislative and technical solutions.
3.Appraise arguments, choices and evidence, be able to draw conclusions, justify a solution and discriminate between differing solutions for a range of high rise technologies.
4.Provide a critical review, be able to summarise an issue and possible solution, analyse and interpret data and draw out conclusions.

Introduction – City Campus Expansion
The 5,600 m 2 MI Building became operational in September 2005 It enabled the University to centralise its IT work within one specialist area. As a direct result of this project, the University has the largest wireless network within a higher education establishment in the UK.

The new 5,000 m 2 ‘MX’ Building became the home of the Teaching and Central Administration Unit in 2007. It enabled the University to provide additional lecture theatres for large classes and ‘pods’ for smaller groups.

As a result of the success and the popularity of these facilities, MB Building (Rosalind Franklin) has recently undergone major refurbishment work and changes to the Millennium City Building (MC) building and Court Yard were completed in 2016.

The new School of Architecture and Built Environment at the former Springfield Brewery has now been completed and is likely to be open to
students by 2021.

Now, in line with the investment Master Plan, the University have purchased additional assets to create new teaching facilities, administrative offices and Student Union recreation facilities.

These assets comprise of: The former Valhalla Pub’ on the Corner of Lich field Street and the old Victorian Head Post office.

The scenario and project is fictitious; the University have not purchased these buildings! In this assignment, assume the buildings are only ‘Locally Listed’.

Overall, the aim is to promote an inspirational environment where large numbers of staff and students can interact.

However, the Council’s planning department have stated that the façades of these buildings are of ‘Town scape Merit’ and must be retained.

The planners are insistent that the original ‘Street-Scapes’ must be retained, namely on Litchfield Street and Princes Street. These will be integrated into the proposed new building designs behind their facades.

5CN001 Brownfield Regeneration And Construction Technology Assignment-Wolverhampton University UK.

5CN001 Brownfield Regeneration And Construction Technology Assignment

Stafford Street may allude to the area being occupied by cellared terraced shops and small metal working factories during the early 19th Century; prior to it being cleared for development in the 1880’s.

It should also be noted that excavation work carried out for the construction of the main University MI Building uncovered a series of 19th Century brick-lined burial vaults and tunnels that have since been cleared and back filled. Research suggests that the original church grounds may have extended as far as Princes Square.

The university has requested an attractive ‘open space’ to be incorporated into the new design were students and staff can relax.

However, due to the recent increase in U.K. rainfall and the predicted climatic changes in the near future, the University also wish to construct an atrium over this ‘court yard space’ so that it can be used throughout the year.

Your Brief
Consider this as your opportunity to ‘sell’ your concept design to the University.

You must explain why you have chosen your particular technique/s of building removal and how the facades in Lich field Street and Princes Street will be supported during this process.

Justify your choice of construction method and the materials/services you are utilising in your new building/s and the Atrium. Brief reference to relevant legislation and regulations should also be included. Finally, illustrate and annotate your design solutions. You do not have to price this work as there are no financial restraints placed upon your proposals.

The structure of the report should be centred on the following themes and include:

What’s the report about (Don’t simply repeat this brief).

Existing building demolition
Demolition considerations will include:
1. Health and safety considerations (Briefly, what is applicable?)
2. Techniques to be used for the demolition works and why.
(Guide – maximum two A4 page of writing plus relevant illustrations/photographs to help support your choices.)

New Development

  • Façade retention technique/s to be employed on all buildings.
    Your choice of:
  • Foundations (for the new structures) – consider ground conditions.
  • Structural frames – what will you use and why.
  • Internal floors and ceilings (consider the location of Services).
  • External wall enclosure (type of cladding) on the new parts of the building
  • Roof type/s.
  • Atrium roof structure.
  • Fire protection and escape routes – new buildings and atrium
  • Identification of areas where the principles of Build ability can be employed specifically to this site.
  • Conclusion
    A critical review of the key points (advantages of your design and technical solution).

You may wish to consider adding photographs, illustrations and tables into the main body of your report to help support the narrative and your evaluation.

The following will be appendicised:

Plans – on A3 size paper, contextualised to the site area and proportional:

  • Ground floor plan – walls only and openings.
  • First floor plan – walls only and openings.
  • Court yard floor layout showing the access and egress.
  • Atrium cross section in relation to surrounding buildings.
  • An elevation drawing of the new building from Berry Street.

All drawings are to be fully annotated and may be produced by traditional drafting methods or by C.A.D.

Important note regarding your investigation of the site:
Remember this is a fictitious scenario. Due to Covid-19, you are not to visit the site or contact the local authority or companies for information on these buildings. All research is to be based around on-line resources.

Additionally, you are encouraged to make logical assumptions which should be clearly stated within the report. For example, you may assume that the existing utility supplies (i.e. electricity supply and drainage) are of a sufficient size to service the new works.

If you wish to take additional photographs, as a matter of courtesy, please ask the staff for permission stating that you are working on a construction and design assignment.

Assessment criteria:
As a guide, marks will be awarded in this assignment as follows:
1.Clarity, structure and professional layout of your report:
2.Extent of research, technical feasibility and “real life” justification
of the technologies applied – reflected in both text and drawings:
3.Quality of plans (not sketches), including proportional scale, annotation
and level of detail.
4.Depth of discussion, critically relating theory and legislation to Substantiate points specifically related to this site:
5.Informed, objective and critical conclusions, logic and appropriateness
of narrative, grammar, Harvard referencing (evidenced by quality and number of reference sources), use of Appendices etc.

Remember, your report should justify your choices.

For guidance, a word count of approximately 3,750 words is expected. This does NOT include Cover page, Content pages, Tables, appended supporting text, References, Bibliography or the annotated drawings.

Technical drawings, plans and concept designs help you to substantiate your technical solutions. These can be produced in either C.A.D. or by traditional drawing methods. All drawings should be proportional and illustrated in context to the site. Drawings (Maximum of A3 size) should be bound to your report (as part of any appendices) with each sheet identified with your student number.

5CN001 Brownfield Regeneration And Construction Technology Assignment-Wolverhampton University UK.

5CN001 Brownfield Regeneration And Construction Technology Assignment

Tip: present your work as if it was for presentation to a client. It should be addressed to the lecturer undertaking your class. All pages must be numbered for feed-back purposes.

Performance descriptors for your Level 5 modules are attached to your module guide.

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