5NH027 Working In Partnership To Prioritize Care Assignment – UK

Module Code & Title :- 5NH027 Working In Partnership To Prioritize Care
Assessment Type :- Written Assignment
Word Count :- 3000 (+/- 10%) words
Assignment Guide Overview
1.The assessment is a 3000-word written assignment based on a case study from your clinical practice.
2.To assist you with completing this assignment a patch work approach is used which comprises of aseries of connected patches This allows you to prepare/write relevant content towards your assignment on a weekly basis 
3. Weeks 1-4 of the module will address a patch which is aligned to the learning outcomes 1-4 A patch will comprise of 500 words 4 patches = 2000 words Each patch will be developed through out the delivery of the module and will reflect the themes highlighted in the module content and the learning out comes. 
4. Week 5 is a stitching together connecting of the patches 1000 words which makes the 3000 words total.
5. You are then required to submit your assignment of 3000 (+/- 10%)words on the specified date as one complete assignment i.e. not individual patches. 
6. Your assignment will be marked by any member of the 5NH027 module team and not the person facilitating your group/academic assessor
5NH027 Working In Partnership To Prioritize Care Assignment – UK

5NH027 Working In Partnership To Prioritize Care Assignment

Assignment requirements
1.You should choose an appropriate patient from your nursing field who required the support of various professionals/agencies to provide their care.
2.The chosen patient’s health needs must impact on the patient’s overall life style to be appropriate. Please note that your patient does not have to have more than one chronic condition/medical diagnoses to be appropriate but if they do this is acceptable.
3. You are required to critically analyse elements of the patient’s care that you were involved in during your current clinical placement If you cannot find a suitable patient that you provided direct care to you you can choose a suitable patient from a previous placement.
4.You could consider a specific task that you were involved with, and this could include an MDT meeting that took place where various professionals were involved as this will help with finding examples with in the various learning outcomes.
5.You should aim to write approximately 500 words each week for Patches 1-4 and bring this to the weekly facilitated sessions to support your discussions, get feedback from your facilitator and develop your assignment.

Learning Outcome : LO1 Using evidence based professional frameworks critically assess and respond to the complex health needs of people their families and carers across the lifespan continuum.

Things to consider :
Introduction to Hub speciality and case study
1. Here you should include a description of your patient such as their age gender relevant medical history home and family circumstances.
2. The case study should give an indication of the current health status of the chosen patient.

Discuss the complex health needs of your patient see notes above Consider how their medical diagnosis impacts the patient their families and carers across the lifespan continuum.

LO1 Using evidence based professional frame works critically assess and respond to the complexhealth needs of people their families and carers across the lifespan continuum.

5NH027 Working In Partnership To Prioritize Care Assignment – UK

i. Choose ONE evidence-based (EB) frame work that is linked to your patient’s diagnosis/needs.
ii. Evidenced based frameworks are ones available on a national level from reputable sources such as NICE WHO DOH RCNCQC Mental Health professional guidelines for your Evidence Based frame work. Please note that Trust polices are not acceptable so you should access the original source that the Trust policy is based on as this is the evidence base.

Critically examine the evidence-based frameworks that underpin your practice. Points to consider in your discussion
I. Introduce the frameworks
II. Do they meet the needs of the patient? Be sure to discuss how/why it was relevant or not for your patient. You must relate the chosen frame work to your actual patient i.e. what did the frame work state specifically should be done for the patient? Was this done? Was it appropriate for your patient’s care?


LO2 Critically discuss the principles of effective leadership management and group dynamics and their relationship to care organisation

Critically discuss the Principles of Care organisation leadership and management of your patient.
1.Identify and critically discuss the leadership style used how did you recognise the style used? How did this style impact the patients care? Was it effective or not? Would another leadership style have been more effective? Why/why not?
2.Outline the approach to care identify nursing models utilised care pathway or philosophy of care
3.Critically analyse this approach i.e. how does nursing models/Care pathways (if applicable] philosophy of care contribute to your patient’s care being organised.
4.Consider risk assessment tools used for your patient and discuss how they contribute to your patient’s care being organised.

LO3 Apply the principles of team work decision making delegation and conflict resolution as part of a wider inter professional team in managing person-centred care.

5NH027 Working In Partnership To Prioritize Care Assignment – UK

Critically discuss the principles of team work decision making delegation and conflict resolution.
Demonstrate person centred and family centred care in your discussion.

Each one of these must be included in your assignment and related to your patient’s care. Some starting points that you can consider:
1. Teamwork – define and discuss the importance of MDT working
2.Decision making define and discuss the role of the patient/family other members of the health care team in decision making
3. Delegation consider what tasks were delegated during your patient’s care and discuss delegation issues around this as an example
4.Conflict resolution define and discuss issues related to this e.g. how conflict is recognised dealt with de-escalated. Pease be aware even if there was no obvious occurrence of conflict with in your case study your assignment must still discuss the principles of this in order to meet the learning outcome. You might want to consider what could potentially cause conflict and discuss this.

LO4 Critically reflect and discuss how working in partnership with other professionals might enhance the impact of care across a range of diverse settings.

5NH027 Working In Partnership To Prioritize Care Assignment – UK
5NH027 Working In Partnership To Prioritize Care Assignment

This section of your work ties the assignment together
I. In this section you need to continue with critically analysing the care given to your patient
II. Analysing the planned assessment monitoring on going management or intervention for the patient should be included here if it has not already been discussed
III. Define and discuss terms such as inter professional multi professional working multi disciplinary working and collaborative working
IV. Identify and critically discuss members of your patient’s MDT with emphasis on HOW this approach impacted on your patient’s care why this approach is effective/not effective i.e., who was/should have been involved and why.
V. The role of the specialist health professional should be explored with reference to the local structures Trust

Ensure you provide a conclusion to your work summarising the main points raised in your assignment not a conclusion to your patient’s care

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