5Z7V0035 Logistics And Supply Chain Assignment – UK.

Unit Title : – Logistics and Supply Chain
Unit Code :- 5Z7V0035
Level :- 7
Assignment Identifier :- CW1 – Literature Review
Assignment Task and word count: Research and critically review how sustainability is managed in a supply chain practices of your choice. This is an individual assignment. You are required to submit a report of 3,000 words maximum in Word format
5Z7V0035 Logistics And Supply Chain Assignment – UK.

5Z7V0035 Logistics And Supply Chain Assignment

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.
Critically assess logistics and supply chain management practices.

Critically evaluate and integrate theory and practice in the area of logistics and supply chain management.

AOL Programme learning outcomes Assessed

Assignment Details and Instructions.

Your Task:
Critically review the influence of sustainability practices on contemporary supply chain management. The literature review should relate to a critical discussion on ethical corporate social responsibility and sustainable issues within the context of supply chain management. The choice of supply chain practices is yours but examples include the following:

• Logistics
• Warehouse management
• Procurement
• Order fulfilment
• Inventory management
• Transport
• Reveres logistics

You may choose to focus your review on the supply chain as a whole or on individual elements of it. So for example if you choose “logistics” you could consider the influence of sustainability practices on the whole supply chain from upstream and downstream. Alternatively you could consider how sustainability practices have influenced individual elements of a supply chain (e.g. inbound or outbound logistics etc). In either case, at some point in the essay you should reflect on how sustainability practice(s) has influenced supply chain performance.

The literature review should provide the following:

o Critically discuss ethical corporate social responsibility and sustainability concepts drawing on supply chain management and your chosen practice(s).
o Develop your logical argument as to why you have chosen to focus a particular aspect of the supply chain i.e. the rationale for selecting supply chain practice(s)
o Identify varying definitions and concepts relevant to the focus of your essay and their theoretical issues, features strengths and weaknesses to recognise and explore good practice.
o Draw on an in-depth range of academic literature, including articles and books to substantiate your claims.
o Summarise the key themes developed throughout the essay
o Reflect upon the key ethical and sustainability issues, how they affect different stake holders and the sector’s responsibility in addressing these

• Report length maximum 3,000 words
o Only main body text is included in word count
o The following are not included in word count: Cover page executive summary table of contents tables figures images references and appendices
• MMU standard Harvard referencing is essential (if in doubt follow the link on Moodle)
• This document should have the look of an essay-style academic assignment.
o Substantiate all claims with evidence. The purpose of the essay is to make robust expert objective evaluation and recommendations based on a broad range of contemporary relevant sources that systematically explores key features of sustainability rather than a subjective ill-in for me non- substantiated opinion piece
o Provide an abstract (not included in word count)
o Use headings subheadings and page numbers to structure your essay
• Use evidence facts and figures where necessary
• Use labelled and referenced tables and diagrams where appropriate

Additional Information.
The purpose of a literature review is to provide academic content that forms the foundation of knowledge to pursue a research project. The literature review provides an understanding of existing research and critical discussions relevant to the area of study. The literature reviewed must be focused and provide a summary and critical analysis of your area of interest It provides a critical assessment of the sources of literature and identifies a gap for future research. For the purpose of this assignment you will be required to:

1.Analysis: critically assess three key concepts: sustainability, supply chain management practice(s) and performance

2.Synthesis: examine the relationship between the three concepts

3.Phenomenon: identify a gap for future research and develop a research question aim and objectives

4.Summary: develop and illustrate a conceptual framework that explains the relationship between the three concepts and identifies the sensitising concepts and criteria/elements in each that would facilitate future research.

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