6ENT1131 Air craft Performance Analysis Assignment – UK

Subject Code  & Title :-  6ENT1131 Aircraft Performance Analysis
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
Weighting :- 20% of the entire module
Authorship :- Individual
Number of hours you are expected to work on this assignment: 5 hours
This assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes from Definitive Module Document Identify the design and operational factors governing the performance of an air craft Evaluate an aircraft’s performance
6ENT1131 Aircraft Performance Analysis Assignment – UK

6ENT1131 Air craft Performance Analysis Assignment

Assignment Tasks :-
This assignment tests the student’s understanding of the material and their progress in completing the learning outcomes for the first part of the module air craft performance. It covers the entire content of the aircraft performance part of this module.

Students are recommended to complete the assignment as the module progresses as it will help to build you knowledge and skills in the material.

Students should attempt all of the questions in the work sheet. Computer assisted marking will be used for some parts of this coursework. Marks will be awarded depending on the accuracy of the answers given typically to within a tolerance of 5% of the answer or greater depending on the type of question.

Refer to the worksheet for advice on the level of accuracy recommended when providing your answers. Only the worksheet should be submitted no other document will be considered for grading. Work is to be submitted on line via the assignment portal on StudyNet.

6ENT1131 Air craft Performance Analysis Assignment – UK

Marks for each question are as indicated!
Type of Feedback to be given for this assignment
Student’s submissions will be returned graded together with general feed back on Study Net as appropriate.

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