6NH083 Summative Assessment – UK

Module Code :-  6NH083
Module Title :-  Summative
Word Limit :-  2500 words +/-10%.
Assignment Type :-  Assessment
The assessment for this module offers two options for completion and submission;
Option 1:
A written professional development plan (PDP) including rationale: 2500 words +/-10%. You can separate this by having a maximum of 500 words for the PDP and 2000 words to rationalise the PDP.
6NH083 Summative Assessment – UK
6NH083 Summative Assessment - UK

Option 2
A Video presentation of a personal professional development plan and your rationale duration 20 minutes +/-10%.

Please identify by week 5 if you are planning to choose this option  As part of this you will need to up load a Power Point presentation and a reference list along with the recording. You can use Panopto or Screencast’o’matic.assessment – UK

Details :-
The process of developing your PDP for this assessment will involve self analysis critical reflection and a SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats analysis from your formative assessment.

The formative assessment will need to be included in your appendices.
You will create a PDP in alignment to aspects identified in your formative reflection and/or SWOT as potential areas to improve up on or potential goals to set as part of the reflection. Can you please ensure that you insert your formative reflection and SWOT/SNOB analysis in to your appendices of the summative assessment.

A professional development plan PDP is a tool to support you to identify professional goals skills to improve upon for the benefit of your self your patients your colleagues and your employer on an ongoing basis Professional development planning is a continuous process using your experience and skills to identify your goals and the support you may require to achieve these goals.

Your goals need to be SMART Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Timely and practic able. Your PDP will be focused primarily on your transition from student nurse to registrant and possibly beyond this considering your future career aspirations or potential skills that may support your future career aspirations i.e. if you want to be a band 6 in 3 years’ time then you may want to consider improving upon your delegation skills or leadership skills as part of this.

You could display these as short medium and long term goals it is your choice on what you consider the length of time for a goal to be classed as short medium or long). It would be beneficial if you have only 3-5 professional development aspects stated in your PDP and due to the word count you may want to rationalise and provide depth to 3 skills/goals instead of all 5 for example.

6NH083 Summative Assessment – UK

The PDP will be supported by a goals skills focused approach with an analytical evidence based rationale This can be written in first person and third person to allow you to apply the research to your self your situation and your PDP where required.

Your accompanying rationale will justify your plan and outline the reasons why you have chosen your particular goals considering their value for yourself and the professional role You may wish to use a template for your PDP there are examples of this assessment information topic on Canvas or you can develop your own this is your choice but it must be SMART.

Module Learning Outcomes

LO1 Appraise the mechanisms that can be used to influence organisational change and public policy demonstrating an appreciation of political influence upon health care in Adult Nursing.

To meet learning outcome 1 you will need to refer to influences on organisational change & possible strategic aims which may be guided by policy or reports that relate directly to your development needs and the influence this has on organisational change.

You should discuss why change is important in nursing and the need for you to change develop or improve in relation to your formative reflection SWOT and your PDP.

This could relate to multiple aspects including but not limited to human resourcing issues SBARD Situation Back ground Assessment Recommendation and Discussion introduction recruitment and retention of staff leadership development delegation time management and revalidation.

You would need to identify how your 3-5 skills goals link to political influences An example might be the Francis report which came from a public enquiry into poor care in a hospital trust in response to this the government commissioned the Shape of Caring report which ulti mately led to the introduction of the Nursing Associate role which will affect the newly registered nurses role in super vision of others. Your development need could be leader ship and there fore this change has made it even more important to improve your leader ship skills because you will manage co ordinate and support nursing associates in en hancing patient care.

6NH083 Summative Assessment – UK

LO2. Evaluate the challenges of working with adults their families carers and colleagues to improve quality and safety of care

Your PDP may include skills or topics such as communication time management anti dis criminatory care inter professional working to name a few. In your rationale you will make links between the importance of the skills that you identify in your PDP and evaluating the evidence based impact of the skills on patients colleagues and yourself.

As part of evaluating you should consider the negative aspects of the skills if not carried out appropriately and the influence on poor quality care as well as the positive aspects if carried out appropriately of the skills and its contribution to high quality safe care and why this will influence your practice The skills you discuss shall be the skills that you state in your PDP.

LO3. Critically analyse leadership behaviours and the developmental needs of self
and others in leading initiatives to enhance care

6NH083 Summative Assessment – UK

6NH083 Summative Assessment - UK

It is important to discuss some leadership theory and leadership styles You could apply the leader ship styles to your self and compare the styles you may possess and potentially consider shifting to a style you may want to use from the research you conduct to support you in your development It would be beneficial to discuss and analyse the importance of Nurse Leader ship what the NHS leader ship development strategy frame work is & relate this to your role in the supervision of others in managing care and more for example being practice supervisor to support students leading patient care and supporting nursing associates and your colleagues.

LO4 Appraise how reflective and reflexive practices have informed the development of self and others

For your formative assessment you will be completing a reflection and a SWOT analysis in order to develop a PDP to inform your development plan.

You will include this reflection and SWOT analysis in the appendices of your summative piece of work In the rationale please discuss the nature and value of your personal reflection why is reflection important and how it has and will continue to contribute to your development and the importance of this on self and others for example: revalidation and skill acquisition. Also you may want to sum up with why you want to improve upon the skills/goals and the strategies that may support you to achieve them and to promote life long learning.

6NH083 Summative Assessment – UK

Assessment of Practice Assessment Document PAD
During your practice placement a practice assessor who will assess you to determine your achieve ment of proficiencies and programme out comes for practice learning.
The decisions of practice assessors will be informed by feed back sought and received from
practice supervisors.

Your academic assessor will support you during this process and will liaise with your practice assessor there fore it is important for you to provide details of your placement & practice assessor to your academic assessor so they be contacted. Your academic assessor is also your facilitator for this module. I have created a student guide to support you with effectively completing your PAD and OAR.

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