7009BMS Pharmacology & Drug Discovery Assignment -Coventry University UK.

Learning outcomes assessed in this 7009BMS Pharmacology & Drug Discovery Assignment: 1) Critically review current approaches adopted by academia and industry using real life case studies. 2)Demonstrate a critical understanding of the potential societal and commercial impact of experimental medicine.3)Critically review published literature relating to pharmaceutical discoveries and communicate in a scientific manner.

7009BMS Pharmacology & Drug Discovery

Learning outcomes assessed mapped to Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of contemporary and cutting-edge pharmacology, drug discovery and development and apply this to provide creative solutions to commercial challenges.
  2. Critically analyse, integrate and appraise scientific data and communicate effectively using oral, written and digital platforms to both scientific and non-scientific audiences.
  3. Demonstrate an independent approach to learning, reflect on their own practise and take responsibility for personal development within their professional field.

Instructions for Pharmacology & Drug Discovery Assignment

Within this coursework you will be required to critically appraise a research based article related to your topic and critically evaluate the the impact of experimental medicine using real life case studies.

The topics you can select for your critical review are:

  1. Alzheimer’s Disease
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug name Kevzara
  3. Parkinsons Disease – Drug name Xadago
  4. Malaria- Drug name Krintafel
  5. Migraine – Drug name Aimovig
  6. Hepatitis C – Drug name Mavyret
  7. Psoriasis – Drug Name Siliq
  8. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Drug name Emflaza
  9. Multiple Sclerosis – Drug name Zinbryta
  10. Asthma – Drug name Cinqair
  11. Epilepsy – Brivact
  12. Schizophrenia – Aristada
  13. Heart Failure – Drug name Entrso
  14. Cystic Fibrosis – Drug name Orkambi
  15. Irritable bowel syndrome – Drug name Viberzi
  16. HIV – Drug name Genvoya
  17. Lung Cancer – Drug name Alecensa
  18. Diabetes – Drug name Tresiba
  19. Hairy cell carcinoma – Drug Name Lumoxiti
  20. Fabry Disease – Drug name Galafold

Guidance on size/word limit

The word limit for this assignment is 2000 words

The following are included in your word allowance:

  • The text of your written work 
  • Reference citations and reference to Figures and Tables within the text 
  • Descriptive paragraphs as Figure or Table legends

The following are excluded from your word allowance:

  • The title 
  • Your name, course etc 
  • Figure and Table headings  
  • Words associated with Figures and Tables 
  • Reference list
  • The word count details 
  • Contents page 
  • Acknowledgements

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