7009MHR Global Strategic Management Assignment – UK

Module Code & Title :-  7009MHR Global Strategic Management
Assessment Type :- Coursework – Individual Strategic Proposal
Learning Credits :- 15
Word count :- 4,000 words ± 10%
The aim of this coursework is to conduct strategic analysis using appropriate tools techniques for an international organisation of your choice. The analysis should evaluate the strategic position of the organisation and its current competitive strategy identify current or potential challenges and accordingly set directions for strategic development (i.e., strategic recommendations to address the challenges. The analysis should be structured and presented in a business report format.
7009MHR Global Strategic Management Assignment – UK

7009MHR Global Strategic Management Assignment

Three tasks are required in this report in order to meet the basic LOs including:

Task 1 :- Analyse the internal environment (capabilities) and external environment (at both macro and micro level of your selected international organisation. Appropriate tools models frame works should be used in the analysis e.g., VRIO Value Chain PESTEL Porter’s Five Six Forces etc.).

Task 2 :- Describe and evaluate the organisation’s competitive strategy in relation to its related industry. Relevant concepts theories should be used in the evaluation (e.g., Porter Generic strategies Ansoff BCG GE/McKinsey etc.)

Task 3 :- Draw on the output of Tasks 1 and 2 to identify and discuss major challenges which may be positive and/or negative for the organisation then suggest a set of strategic recommendations to address these challenges (e.g., SWOT/TOWS). Finally critically evaluate the suggested recommendations in terms of their suitability acceptability and feasibility (e.g., SAFE framework).

Learning Outcomes (LOs) Assessed by this Assignment:
1. Critically analyse global business environments and situations using relevant theoretical models to investigate economical socio political and technological conditions of global developments that impact on business

7009MHR Global Strategic Management Assignment – UK

2.Systematically analyse and evaluate conventional frame works associated with
Strategic Management and synthesise ideas that will add value to critical aspects of the Strategic Management Process.

3.Comprehensively evaluate with the use of Data Analytics the strategic choices that are crucial in global business and corporate situations, as well as the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility in strategic decisions

4.Critically evaluate the concepts that demonstrate business acumen to enable effective reporting of key results and recommend appropriate strategic action

7009MHR Global Strategic Management Assignment – UK

7009MHR Global Strategic Management Assignment

5.Critically appraise and make practical use of main stream global strategic concepts in simulated and real business situations

CMI Learning Outcomes:
7006V1 Reviewing organisational strategy plans and performance –
1. Be able to review the organisational strategic aims and objectives
2. Be able to analyse progress towards organisational strategic aims and objectives
3. Be able to evaluate strategic options to support a revised strategic position

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