7030CEM Cyber Security Individual Project Assignment – UK

Module Code :- 7030CEM
Module Title :-  Cyber Security Individual Project
Estimated Word length : – 1 500 words
Coursework type :- Report
Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:
1. Identify select and review current information resources relevant to Cyber Security and justify appropriate problem solving strategies with respect to resources tools and techniques.
2. Analyse current Cyber Security issues and determine appropriate means to mitigate risk and maintenance of systems.
3. Construct solutions to given Cyber Security problems by the application of appropriate tools and techniques with in a chosen specialism with professionalism confidence and competence.
4. Apply project management skills and critically evaluate research and problem solving processes.
5. Critically evaluate legal social and ethical issues relating to research and project work.
7030CEM Cyber Security Individual Project Assignment – UK

7030CEM Cyber Security Individual Project Assignment

Task and Mark distribution:
Section A – Ethics Application
Include the following table to indicate Progress of your Ethics Application Tick the relevant box.
 I submitted my ethics application and my application has been approved. I include my ethics certificate in the appendix as evidence.
 I submitted my ethics application and my application is currently under review.
 I have not submitted my ethics application.

Section B – Project Proposal
Produce a project proposal suggested length 1500 words) that encapsulates your project idea and which provides a detailed research plan of the steps you will under take to address your research question. Your proposal should include the following sections:

1. Research Question Problem Statement or Topic for Investigation
Provide a clear outline of the research question, practical problem or primary investigation that you will be undertaking for your project. Useful questions to address would be: what is the question or problem you are addressing, what evidence is there that this is a real problem what approach or method are you going to take to address the problem.

2. Intended user or group of users and their requirements
In this section you should address who will benefit from your findings and how they will benefit note greater knowledge about is defined as a benefit even if your audience is mainly other academic researchers new data if collected using scientific principles adds to the body of knowledge about the topic Who are the intended user or group users? Why you think there is need for this project? What are the needs of the intended user that your product should satisfy?]

3. Systems requirements project deliverables and final project outcome
In this section you should address what the characteristics/properties that the final product should possess? What are the process stages and the corresponding deliverables that will enable you to create the final product? Describe, as clearly as possible, what outcome your project aims to produce in relation to the original question investigation or problem statement.

4. Primary Research Plan
This is the plan as to how you will go about answering your detailed research question or approach your practical problem It must include a primary research method an extended literature review is not an acceptable primary method.

Think and plan logically Primary methods may include experiments applications or soft ware demonstrators process models simulations surveys analysis of existing or generated data you may wish to suggest a time line or simply set out a sequence of tasks. Where you intend to collect data think about how much data you need and how long the collection process will take. Make reasonable assumptions about the amount of work you can do and try not to over promise on results  most scientific research is small scale and time limited this is even more the case with student projects where you also have competing modules.

5. Initial/Mini Literature Review
Using the University Library e-journal database the ACM portal database or Google Scholar identify and select between three and five research papers relating to your topic. Try and identify papers that are relatively current with in the last three years. A literature review is a select analysis of existing research which is relevant to your topic. It explains and justifies how your investigation may help answer some of the questions or gaps in this area of research. A literature review is not a straightforward summary of every thing you have read on the topic and it is not a chronological description of what was discovered in your field. Use your literature review to:

 Show how your project will relate to previous studies.
 Compare and contrast different authors&#39 views on an issue – note areas in which authors are in disagreement.
 Highlight current exemplary studies
 Highlight any gaps in research that may provide you with a starting point for your project
 Highlight any good approaches that may allow you to develop a project idea further

7030CEM Cyber Security Individual Project Assignment – UK

7030CEM Cyber Security Individual Project Assignment

The key to the mini-literature review is your critical and evaluative perspective on the literature reviewed.
Use the review to make a case argument as to why your own research project is necessary important.

6.Bibliography (key texts for your literature review)
Please provide references in correct referencing style for the research papers that have informed your literature review.

The references should be recent and sufficiently technical or academic. Your markers will be looking for you to identify technical reports conference papers journal papers and recent text books. Avoid Wikipedia entries news paper reports that do not cite sources and general or introductory texts.

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