7030MAA Individual Project Assessment – Coventry University UK.

Subject Code & Title : 7030MAA Individual Project
Word Limit : 12,000 -15,000 words
Course Work Type : Individual
Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:
1.Develop solutions to given problems by the application of appropriate tools and techniques,within a chosen specialism, with professionalism, confidence and competence.
2.Identify, select and review current information resources relevant to a particular problem and justify appropriate problem solving strategies with respect to resources, tools and techniques.
3.Communicate effectively in formal and informal situations both verbally and otherwise with interested parties.
4.Develop project management skills and critically evaluate research and problem solving processes.
5.Take account of any legal, social and ethical issues relating to research and project work.
7030MAA Individual Project Assessment – Coventry University UK.

7030MAA Individual Project Assessment

Task and Mark distribution:
You will need to agree a suitable subject for a research project with your supervisor.Please discuss suitable topics with your mentor and the research methods lecturers and submit a project title as part of your research methods module.

Project Module Grading Template:
All projects should be marked by the First Supervisor and Second Supervisor/Assessor independently and in line with the relevant marking scheme. The marks and comments for the students work must be captured in two individual forms. A discussion between the first marker and second supervisor should lead to a final agreed mark for the student. Please see the Faculty Assessment Policy on resolving disputes in marks.

The Final Project Grading and Feedback Template should be completed by the first supervisor following the discussion and agreement of result with the 2 nd marker and uploaded to Moodle within two weeks of submission of the report through Moodle.

For this submission, the final report will be submitted by the Due date and time.

The supervisor will also check that the ethics process has been completed by the student and a certificate of ethics completion has been issued and this certificate and ethics check list has been included in the appendices of the finally submitted report.

7030MAA Individual Project Assessment – Coventry University UK.

7030MAA Individual Project Assessment

If the first and second marker cannot agree where the marks variation is 10% or greater, they should refer it to the ML who will assign an independent third marker (who will use the same marking template). The final mark for the project should then be the average of all three marks for that piece of work.

Once complete this form should be made available through the Moodle site for the student to access once results are made available by the module leader.

Note: The final result for the student must consider the ethics approval, without which the student cannot be passed for the project.

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