7BSP1362 Databases And Business Intelligence Assignment – UK

Module Code :-  7BSP1362
Module Title :- Databases and Business Intelligence
Weighting :- 70%
Assignment Format & Maximum Word count :- An INDIVIDUAL Essay Writing maximum 2000 words
7BSP1362 Databases And Business Intelligence Assignment – UK

7BSP1362 Databases And Business Intelligence Assignment

Detailed Brief for Individual Assignment

Assignment Title: Individual Essay

Description of the assignment, task, content, and structure:
JOMVO Delight Ltd in the last 10 years has been a customer-driven organisation delivering innovative solutions to the challenges of a fast-developing market and demanding customer base sector.

The company utilises fresh and high-quality raw ingredients from proven track record-supply chains networks to sell fresh local seasonal foods and buffet to schools and colleges as well as offering a wide range of quality catering services to academics. They have a telesales operation and on 12 th December 2021 set up an online sales system to better understand the relative profitability of its numerous customers. In order to stay relevant and competitive, the organisation is also looking for ways to use data to better understand their customers experiences and innovate faster.

You are a DBMS consultant and through your friend who is a senior management member of JOMVO Delight you have been appointed to help assess the situation the company is facing. At your first meeting with the JOMVO Delight executives the business is explained to you, and you are asked to investigate and employ a database solution as a new develop mental process that will address the impair performance.

Further more the company’s executives have advised you to keep track of the employees details including their home address contact information and rate of pay. You are also allowed to assess their operations and customer database particularly the customer’s contact information and their gender regions cities and post codes. And finally you are required to track the quality of services and incentives offered to customers in terms of standard price and promotions.

Your tasks are as highlight two parts:
Part 1
Write a critical essay on the comparison of MS Access SQL Server and Oracle and recommend which software you think is best for the JOMVO Delight firm. Clearly present further convincing evidence that acquiring Database Management skill can further improve their business operations and how your choice of software can help achieve such value. Value should be mostly demonstrated because of extractable intelligence from the DBMS.

Individual Essay 2000 words excluding references graphs and charts can be given in
appendices submission must contain a Word/PDF file.

7BSP1362 Databases And Business Intelligence Assignment – UK

7BSP1362 Databases And Business Intelligence Assignment

Part 2
As a very knowledgeable Business Intelligence consultant, you have also been contacted by another friend of yours who is a senior manager in a global company to help design and appraise an end-to-end business intelligence solution. All you have been given is a CSV Superstore database folder containing information about the company’s global business operations including their sales and profits across regions and cities.

 Using any favorite charts of yours the board want you to design an executive
Dashboard and track and display any 3 of the 5 listed KPI’s:

7BSP1362 Databases And Business Intelligence Assignment – UK

1) Customer segment
2) Product category
3) Sales

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