7COM1084 Advanced Research Topics in Computer Science Assignment-Hertfordshire University UK.

Assignment Briefing Sheet:
This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes (from Definitive Module Document): Knowledge and understanding:
LO1 Have a conceptual understanding of how established techniques of research are used to create and extend existing knowledge in computer science.
LO2 Be able to identify a research problem from synthesizing problem definitions from relevant literature.
LO3 Demonstrate originality in proposing alternative solutions within a chosen area.
7COM1084 Advanced Research Topics in Computer Science Assignment-Hertfordshire University UK.

7COM1084 Advanced Research Topics in Computer Science Assignment

Skills and attributes
LO4 Critically evaluate research literature and identify research problems to solve
LO5 Demonstrate ability to propose alternative approaches for future work in a chosen area.
LO6 Communicate research knowledge effectively in scholarly manner.

To provide exposure to research areas in Computer Science drawn from the Department’s research profile in order to provide preparatory ground for students to pursue a deeper investigation of a research topic as part of their Master’s project.

Assignment Brief:
Research is not just for academics, governments and commercial/industrial organisations typically have a research units where teams of research and subject experts work systematically to create new knowledge/products/services and/or the use of existing knowledge/products/services in a new and creative way so as to generate new concepts, methodologies and understandings. This could include synthesis and analysis of previous research to the extent that it leads to new and creative outcomes. Research encompasses pure and strategic basic research, applied research and experimental development. Applied
research is original investigation undertaken to acquire new knowledge but directed towards a specific, practical aim or objective.

Assume that you have been newly appointed as a research assistant of a university/a large organisation with many research groups who are working on different research projects, are working along with you.
During your probation period, your line manager has asked you to attend the company’s weekly research talks and prepare a portfolio, demonstrating that you have achieved the learning outcomes of your Advanced Research topics in Computer Science successfully and you are indeed, ready to join a British research team that produce world leading research outcomes.

7COM1084 Advanced Research Topics in Computer Science Assignment-Hertfordshire University UK.

7COM1084 Advanced Research Topics in Computer Science Assignment

Portfolio is an individual assessment comprised of 2 parts. Task 1 and Task 2 will carry 40, and 60% marks of the overall module mark, respectively. You will be awarded a preliminary mark out of 100% for both Task 1 and Task 2, and the weighting will be done as part of the portfolio.

During the online follow-up tutorial sessions, the module team will provide general feedback and advice regarding your progress. You will also have the opportunity to submit a draft copy of Task 1 for feedback as indicated in the module guide.

Your portfolio should include (in one document, structured appropriately) following;

Task 1:
a. A review report on your own research area (relevant to your own MSc route)
b. Self-reflection 1: using the guidelines received in Week 2 tutorial.

Task 2:
a. A review report on another distinct topic covered in the lectures in the subject areas below. As part of your tutorial work you are preparing these short reports on each topic with the support of your tutors. Where a topic seems quite broad, you can choose an aspect of it. The module will include 4-5 research talks by active researchers in UH on their subject areas ;
i. Networks, Security and Systems
ii. Human Oriented Computing
iii. Data Science
iv. AI & Robotics
v. Software Engineering

b. Self-reflection 2: using the guidelines received in Week 10 revision session.

The report structure and the marking and feedback schemes and grade band descriptors are given in Annex ‘A’.

All work should be supported by a Title page showing the Module code, your name student number, MSc route and the words “Portfolio Coursework”, citations and adequate references (including approximately 15 high quality references) and appendices where required.

Submission Requirements:
The complete portfolio in a single document in PDF format should be
uploaded to the canvas site for this module. The document should be named to reflect your tutorial group A#, student# and first name and surname as appears in the UH student records.

Type of Feedback to be given for this assignment:
Formative verbal/written feedback will be given for the portfolio milestone reports through canvas and during the scheduled sessions as per the module delivery plan. Individual summative feedback will be given
through canvas for the final submission. The assignment will be marked according to the attached marking scheme as such you should address each of the marking components within your assignment.

7COM1084 Advanced Research Topics in Computer Science Assignment-Hertfordshire University UK.

7COM1084 Advanced Research Topics in Computer Science Assignment

Every week, review & reflection questions related to the assessment activities will be posted on Study Net. These questions will help you to reflect on the activities you will be undertaking as part of the assessed work
for the module. Self-assessing your work as you progress through the module and help you understand the subject better. Feedback is not just the marks and the commentary at the end of the module – it is also the
regular advice about your work as you undertake the practical activities. If you fail to undertake the tutorial activities and you fail to engage with the class and with the instructors, you will disadvantage yourself.

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