7ENT1129 Advanced Materials And Manufacturing Technology Assignment-Hertfordshire University UK.

This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes (from Definitive Module Document):
Knowledge and Understanding:
1.Compare & contrast developing bio-nano materials for healthcare applications from leading edge research including smart, bio and nano targeting antimicrobial & antiviral engineering.
2.Explore advanced manufacturing technology in terms of healthcare engineering, select and justify their application(s).
7ENT1129 Advanced Materials And Manufacturing Technology Assignment-Hertfordshire University UK.

7ENT1129 Advanced Materials And Manufacturing Technology Assignment

Novel manufacturing technology for bio-nano materials for tackling urgent healthcare needs.

Your contribution must address the following:
Design, manufacture and cost-competitiveness of a new bio-functional product; proposal and description of the manufacturing technology to develop a new product for fighting infectious diseases such as Covid-19.

The emergence of COVID-19 has resulted in profound global health challenges. As a future engineer in mechanical and manufacturing technology, you need to think and develop a strategy in your practice to engineer a technology to tackle the pandemic.

Assignment Brief:
Assume that you are working for a company that manufactures one of the following:
i) ventilation/filtration systems for hospitals;
ii) tools and biomedical instruments for hospital ICU services;
iii) cellulose papers and plastic films for food and medical product packages.

Your position:
You are one of the Assistants to the Research Director in the chosen topic from above and you are responsible for developing new products for tackling the current pandemic. You are asked by your director to prepare a concise report of not more than 4 pages to elucidate your new product idea. Your report must consider the following points:

i) background and introduction to your product idea setting the scene and providing potential justification for your proposed direction;
ii) identification of the new product and proposal and description of how it will be manufactured;
iii) evaluation of the performance of the new product that may block the transmission of the disease (you may consider a case study);
iv) analysis of manufacturing costs (aim for cost-effectiveness);
v) conclusions and recommendations

7ENT1129 Advanced Materials And Manufacturing Technology Assignment-Hertfordshire University UK.

7ENT1129 Advanced Materials And Manufacturing Technology Assignment

You will need to present a list of references on an additional page.

A note to the Students:

  • For undergraduate modules, a score above 40% represent a pass performance at honours level.
  • For postgraduate modules, a score of 50% or above represents a pass mark.Modules may have several components of assessment and may require a pass in all elements. For further details, please consult the relevant Module Guide or ask the Module Leader.

Font Arial 10, portrait layout, normal margins and 1.5 spacing

The suggested word count for the assignment is ~2000 words including tables. The word count does not include:
• the title page
• table of contents
• list of references (in text citations are included)
• Appendices

Material in appendices will not count for marks and they should not exceed 4 pages in length. Assignments shorter than 1800 words will not lose marks but may lead to the omission of material which would gain them. Any words over 2200 (i.e. +10% of the suggested count) will not be marked. You should not use any mechanism, such as embedded jpeg images containing
significant text, to circumvent the word count.

Type of Feedback to be given for this assignment:
Individual feedback will be provided to students with comments and identification of strengths to build on and necessary improvements requiring further reflection and revision by the student.

Appendix I: Report Template
The following report structure should be used:

1.Project Introduction
An introduction to the selected project covering the project background and setting the scene. The introduction must include:

  • The aim, objectives, novelty and justification of your selected topic;
  • Type of research and knowledge required to carry out and complete the report;
  • Justification for your proposed direction (what benefits are likely?)

2.Manufacture, testing and data collection*

  • Processes, facilities and materials required to manufacture the new product;
  • Description of the identified processes and materials from the data-collection* and technical information** for supporting your proposed idea and method.


  • Comparison of your proposed method and new product to the current materials, processes and product;
  • Analysis of the results and possible performance improvement;
  • Assessment of cost-effectiveness;
  • Potential applications.

4.Conclusions and recommendations
Summary of your report focus, factor learned, novelty you want to express.

Report Presentation:
There is a 5-page limit plus one (or more) page with references. The 5-page limit applies to the inclusion of any diagrams, calculations, figures and/or tables where appropriate.

Ensure that your technical report is well-structured and choose appropriate numbers and titles for the sections of the reports.

7ENT1129 Advanced Materials And Manufacturing Technology Assignment-Hertfordshire University UK.

7ENT1129 Advanced Materials And Manufacturing Technology Assignment

Your technical report must follow the content and guidance above and must include the specific instructions outlined below.

  • All pages should be numbered.
    Use Arial 11-point font, multiple line spacing at 1.5.
  • All figures / diagrams / tables labelled and numbered. Ensure citations are provided for figures / diagrams / tables that are adopted / adopted from the literature. In addition, refer to the figures / diagrams / tables in text and discuss their contents.
  • Grammar, spelling and style, as well as clarity, contribute towards assessment of the report.
  • Justify paragraphs – Align text to both left and right margins, using your word processor to add extra space between words as necessary.
  • Use British Spelling i.e. ‘English (UK) Language’.

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