7HSK0186 Coaching And Leadership Essay Assignment – UK

Module Code & Title :- 7HSK0186 Coaching And Leadership
Content & structure of your portfolio:
Assessment Type :- 
Essay Assignment
Level :
A 3000 +/- 10% word portfolio
The student will produce a Portfolio of Practice Experience and Development demonstrating integration of theory and practice.
7HSK0186 Coaching And Leadership Essay Assignment- UK

7HSK0186 Coaching And Leadership Essay Assignment

Please familiarise yourself with the module learning outcomes:

Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Under standing
Successful students will typically be able to demonstrate:
1. A systematic in-depth knowledge and understanding of the under pinning
theoretical perspectives and research which informs the role of coaching in leading.
2. A critical awareness of a range of skills/techniques appropriate to coaching.
3. A comprehensive and deep understanding of a variety of approaches to coaching.

Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes
Successful students will typically be able to:
1. Confidently use a range of coaching skills.
2. Critically analyse and evaluate a range of skills appropriate to coaching.
3. Critically reflect on their own personal and professional practise and those of others.

Portfolio a definition: …..”a purposeful collection of student work that tells the story of the student’s efforts progress or achievement in a given area.”

Remember that each portfolio will be personally unique.

The development of the portfolio will require the skills of monitoring planning reflecting and the vital skill of self-evaluation which is an integral part to a portfolio. Creativity curiosity conversation and critique should underpin your work.

7HSK0186 Coaching And Leadership Essay Assignment – UK

Your should draw on your opportunities for coaching conversations within your work setting and your individual progress/competence in grasping these new skills over the duration of the module. Please put evidence from reflective accounts of your coaching conversations in the appendix and refer the reader to them in your main body of work.

Ask yourself – is there evidence of my progress over time? What coaching/leadership concepts have I demonstrated? What does the evidence based literature from both the coaching and leadership genres underpin this area of practise? Ensure that you apply the skills of critical evaluation/analysis/synthesis and independent thought throughout your work at level 7.

Aims of the Portfolio
The aim of the portfolio is to demonstrate your knowledge of coaching skills and theory your ability to apply the skills with in your professional role and critically evaluate their relevance to leadership in health and social care settings.

Assignment guidelines

The portfolio may include:
Critical appraisal of theoretical and empirical literature related to coaching practice for leaders.

Critical discussion of the role of coaching with in the current professional educational and policy context in health and social care.

Critical discussion of the strengths and limitations of a range of coaching skills with in their own sphere of leading.

7HSK0186 Coaching And Leadership Essay Assignment – UK

It should also consider the developmental process and self-evaluation that you have and continue to experience with regard to your coaching conversations with in your leadership role.

Please reference your work through out.
Consider your grammar structure and flow as well as your academic writing style.

Structure of the portfolio:
Make your portfolio personalised. Use the first person throughout.

Set the context in which you function as a leader and inform the reader of the format of your portfolio i.e. what to expect/structure.

7HSK0186 Coaching And Leadership Essay Assignment – UK

7HSK0186 Coaching And Leadership Essay Assignment

Main Body:
Consider leadership in healthcare.
Draw on the literature and the strong alignment of effective leadership with the quality of patient care.

Consider the essential personal qualities of self awareness self management resilience and emotional intelligence that contribute to creating a working culture where staff feel valued motivated and deliver high quality care thereby ensuring your organisation’s success and growth.

Use appropriate supporting literature to underpin all your work.

Introduce coaching and the applicability of introducing coaching skills within a leadership capacity. Search the literature to support the correlation with coaching and leadership.

Draw on at least 3 of your coaching conversation experiences contained in your appendices. Ensure that you demonstrate a level of self-evaluation and competency
with the application of coaching skills within your leadership role.

Apply the literature to analyse and evaluate these opportunities. Consider applying a psychodynamic approach or framework to illuminate your work from a different perspective. Ensure that you demonstrate progression with your coaching skills in your appendices.

Pull all the threads of your portfolio together. What have you learnt in the process of under taking the module and the coaching conversations you’ve undertaken to date?
Consider what next? How will you consolidate and build on your coaching practice conversations in your leadership role?

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