ASS069-2 Multi-Agency Working Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

Unit title & code Multi-Agency Working ASS069-2
Assignment number and title 1 Case Study and Reflective Account
Assignment type CW-Ess
Weighting of assignment 100%
Size or length of assessment 2,500 word Case Study and Reflection
Unit learning outcomes: 1.You should be able to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of theory and practice of Multi-Agency Working in Human Services.
2.Demonstrate skills and ability to reflect on, analyse and evaluate the impact of national policies on Multi-Agency Working.
ASS069-2 Multi-Agency Working Assignment-Bed ford shire University UK.

ASS069-2 Multi-Agency Working Assignment

What am I required to do in this assignment?
Whole assignment is 2500 words +/- 10% divided into 2 parts
Part One: is 1,500 words Evidence-Based Reflective Case Study Essay

  • Throughout the unit, you will participate in a group that will simulate a multi-agency team, you and your team will choose a case study, you will choose a professional role and you are required to evidence your contribution to the team and the team’s care plan.
  • You have one assignment that is divided in to 2 specific parts.

In part one of this section you are required to:

  • Outline the key issues in the Case Study that you and your group (your multi-agency team) worked on
  • You will explain your professional role in relation to the case study which means that you will need to research your role in depth and the legislation underpinning practice and include this in your assignment
  • Give a brief overview of each professional role in your multi-agency team and the legislation that inform their practice
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the type of Multi-Agency meeting that you and your group selected and discuss why it was appropriate to your case
  • Demonstrate understanding of service user contribution in the decision-making process
  • You will need to include theories and models of social care as part of your discussion and decision-making
  • Provide an action plan or care plan that you and your group developed that would meet the service user’s needs and all of the concerns (This should be added as an appendix to your assignment and is not included in the word count)
  • Discuss and explain the rationale for the social care tools that you and your group used to develop the action or care plan
ASS069-2 Multi-Agency Working Assignment

ASS069-2 Multi-Agency Working Assignment-Bed ford shire University UK.

Part two of your assignment is a Reflective Account (1000 words) that evidences your understanding of Multi-Agency Working, including critical reflection of yourself.

a.Outline what you learned about yourself using a reflective model
b.Reflect on knowledge you have gained including legislation, policy and practice guidance applicable to Multi-Agency Working
c.Reflect on and evaluate your role within the meeting using one of the theories of group roles such as Belbin (2012); Benne & Sheats (1940)
d.Reflect on, analyse and evaluate your experience of working as part of a multi-agency team (Challenges, Barriers and how these were managed) using a model or theory of the stages of group formation such as Tuckman (1977); Lewin (1951); Salas et al (2012; Toseland et al (2008)
e.Provide a conclusion that summarises your learning and development from the experience of working a part of a group.

ASS069-2 Multi-Agency Working Assignment-Bed ford shire University UK.

ASS069-2 Multi-Agency Working Assignment

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
In order to pass the assessment, you will need to:
Work with peers as part of a group that reflect a simulated Multi-Agency Team to develop an evidence-based proposed care plan which clearly shows your individual and specific contributions towards the group project (1500 words). You must:

  • Provide evidence of your group and individual research and knowledge, which demonstrates an appreciation of the service-user needs when putting together a relevant care package and planning intended outcomes for the service user.
  • Produce a reflective account of 1000 words using a model of self-reflection, which demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of multi-agency working gained from your experience and research. This must include acknowledging and addressing practice issues in team work; reflection on barriers and how these can be overcome; policy and legislation that inform multi-agency working; organisational and ground level delivery issues; strengths and limitations of multi-agency working and how the experience will impact on your future development.

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?

  • Attending all lectures and seminars/workshops will help as each week is formative and relevant to gaining the knowledge and understanding needed for the assignment.
  • Active participation in group tasks including case study presentation will facilitate the opportunity for you to use the knowledge and experience from this in your assignment
  • Begin working with your group as early as possible after being assigned a case study as you will begin to share knowledge and get an understanding of the experience of group formation and working together
  • Start researching your role as soon as possible to get an understanding of legislation and role responsibility
  • Make use of the student study hub as soon as possible, especially if you are not yet confident about academic writing or you need additional study support.
  • Pay attention to the structure of your assignment. Pay careful attention to the assignment brief. Your assignment should have introduction, discussion, and a conclusion and you should have a care plan or action plan that you and your group have developed as a result of working together on your case.
  • Follow the guidelines on BREO regarding Harvard referencing both in your text and construction of your reference list to minimize risk of plagiarism as this does impact on grades awarded
  • Make use of documents and tools made available to you on BREO.
ASS069-2 Multi-Agency Working Assignment

ASS069-2 Multi-Agency Working Assignment-Bed ford shire University UK.

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?

  • Each week will cover a specific topic related to Multi-Agency Working, all of which are linked to your assignment
  • You will be part of a group of 3 to 5 students from different Human Service courses to reflect a multi-agency team. Your group will be given a case study and each of you will be assigned a role.
  • Lectures will cover main topics of Multi-Agency Working and seminars/workshops will be follow on sessions that are linked to lectures where you will do group activities
  • Seminars will provide opportunities to explore and work with small case studies to help you to develop skills and identify your own continuing knowledge development needs
  • You will do activities that enhance your learning around different types of multi-professional/multi-agency meetings in adult and child welfare
  • You will research your role individually and get together with your other group members to develop a proposed care plan or action plan
  • You and your group will present your care plan/action plan in workshops (this will include talking about the decisions your group made about identifying the key issues in your case study, the type of multi-agency meeting your group opted for and why, legislation , theory, how you ensured service user inclusion, and your final care plan).

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