ASS113-2 Research 1: Exploring Data Assignment – UK.

Unit title & code :- ASS113-2 Research 1: Exploring Data
Assignment number and title Two :- A secondary research project
Assignment type :- PJ-PRO
Weighting of assignment :- 100%
Size or length of assessment :- 2,000 words
ASS113-2 Research 1: Exploring Data Assignment – UK.

ASS113-2 Research 1: Exploring Data Assignment

What am I required to do in this assignment?
Assessment 1 is a 2,000 word project based on secondary research. Students are expected to develop a research question on a topic of their choice related to their course identify and collect appropriate data and answer the question using one of the following:

i. A literature review using thematic analysis
ii. Content analysis (qualitative, quantitative or both)
iii. Discourse analysis

Students are not permitted to conduct primary research.

You should include:
Research question background and rationale – a research question relating to the chosen topic area background and rationale – why is this important? Why have you chosen to research this topic?

Method of data collection and ethics – brief description of how data were collected – sources, time frame geography and ethical considerations

Method of data analysis – state which of the three the methods you have chosen. Briefly explain the method and explain why this is appropriate for answering your question

Findings analysis discussion and conclusion What are the key ideas, themes, trends or patterns in the data that you have found. How do these relate to your question? What are the limitations of the data? End with a conclusion that summarises your findings and explains how you answered your question

I.Ensure that you include sufficient references to support the points you are making this will include justifying the data collection and analysis methods chosen supporting your rationale with evidence and citing all your data sources. You will need to refer to at least two books on social research methods together with peer-reviewed journal articles and other appropriate sources.

ASS113-2 Research 1: Exploring Data Assignment – UK.

II.You are expected to develop a specific research question. It is strongly recommended that you start developing your research question early and have your question confirmed by the seminar tutor before starting work on your assignment.

III.You must choose appropriate research methods which allow you to collect and analyse the data you need for answering your research question.

IV.Ensure that you include your in-text references. In all cases, in-text references must match up with what appears in your reference list. Every in-text citation should correspond to a reference on the list at the end (and vice versa).

V.You must use the Harvard referencing system. The University officially advises students to use the following website for referencing guidelines:

vi.You must write in your own words. You are reminded that plagiarism of any type will be penalised and result in a fail.

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
1. Develop a feasible research question for a small scale undergraduate secondary research project
2. Collect appropriate data and analyse the data using one of the methods allowed to answer the question
3. Maintain focus and present your findings in a logical manner.

ASS113-2 Research 1: Exploring Data Assignment – UK.

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
Students are expected to read the assignment brief carefully especially the rubric in the Marks and Feed back section and complete this section during the teaching sessions in which the assignment is discussed.

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
You will develop your enquiry skills through exploring different types of qualitative and quantitative data and analysing the data using various research methods. As we cover a different method of analysis each week you will be expected to actively participate in the process of data analysis during the workshops to identify key themes and trends in data.

You will develop knowledge and understanding of different methods of qualitative and quantitative data analysis. You will understand how that data analysis stage fits within the whole research process.

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