BHS001-2 Assignment 1 Human Metabolism And Genetics -Bedfordshire University UK.

Unit title & code : BHS001-2 Human Metabolism And Genetics
Assignment type : Written report submitted electronically via BREO
Weighting of assignment : 25%
Size or length of assessment : 1200 words
Unit learning outcomes : BHS001-2
1.Integrate knowledge of the modes of regulation and molecular basis of metabolic and genetic pathways at the molecular, cellular and whole human level.
2.Apply your understanding of fundamental biochemical and genetic principles and concepts introduced and demonstrate relevant skills to carry out experimental investigations.
BHS001-2 Assignment 1 Human Metabolism And Genetics -Bedfordshire University UK.


1.Demonstrate how metabolic pathways interact meeting the requirements of the organism over a range of timescales, including how they inactivate and eliminate foreign compounds.

2.Exhibit skills in correlating the role of regulation of metabolic networks in ensuring homeostasis.

What am I required to do in this assignment?

Brief Description of Assessment Task :
If your grade for BHS001-2 assignment 1 is less than 42% (D-) or you were unable to submit your Succinate dehydrogenase practical assignment due to mitigation, you have opportunity to submit referral assessment.

This referral requires you to provide short answers to the questions (see word limits). All questions will test your knowledge and understanding of the enzyme kinetics and activity.

Outline Of Report Structure Your report must answer the following four questions:

1.Explain major classes of enzymes and the role of enzymes as a powerful and highly specific catalyst

BHS001-2 Assignment 1 Human Metabolism And Genetics -Bedfordshire University UK.

BHS001-2 Assignment 1 Human Metabolism And Genetics

2.Briefly describe factors affecting enzyme’s action on substrate(s)

3.The following table includes the absorbance measurements of succinate dehydrogenase enzyme assay at different time interval.Calculate the Velocity of a reaction at 15 minutes (i.e. A0-A15/min) for all tubes (see table below) and plot the graph of substrate (succinate) concentration on the x-axis (shown in the table) against velocity at 15 minutes (i.e. A0-A15/min) on the y-axis (30% of mark).

4.Interpret your results by explaining what they indicate. Don’t forget to mention the value of Vmax and Km which you have obtained from the plot.

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
• Produce a scientific report according to expectations described in the assignment brief.
• Demonstrate understanding of the kinetic basis of enzyme activity in the report.
• Exhibit understanding of different factors that have impact on enzymes activity and their actions

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
A high quality lab report, should
• be created electronically using Microsoft word and contain graphs created electronically using Excel
• contain a title page giving the assessment title, unit code, assessment number, your student number and your final word count (excluding references)
• contain appropriately labelled tables and figures referred to in the main text
• contain appropriate examples of how calculations were performed
• Follow the word-limit requirement (excluding references)

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?

BHS001-2 Assignment 1 Human Metabolism And Genetics -Bedfordshire University UK.

BHS001-2 Assignment 1 Human Metabolism And Genetics

This assignment is based on your findings from the scheduled practical classes and is directly related to the taught element delivered during lectures. More specifically, lectures related to Enzyme kinetics, Krebs cycles and different metabolic pathways that are producing acetyl CoA and entering in the Krebs cycle.

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