BHS009-6 Medical Imaging & Cryobiology Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

Brief Description of BHS009-6 Medical Imaging & Cryobiology Assignment Task

You are required to review the use of one or more staining and/or visualisation techniques within the field of biomedical engineering that allow us to see what is happening inside cell and/or tissues.

BHS009-6 Medical Imaging & Cryobiology
Cryopreservation of samples.

Relation to the Unit Learning Outcomes of BHS009-6 Medical Imaging & Cryobiology Assignment

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the physical techniques used to visualise biological systems at different length scales within the context of biomedical engineering.
  • Work autonomously to integrate, develop and synthesise principles of imaging techniques and image reconstruction.

Outline Of Report Structure

The report should cover three key areas:

  1. the physical basis of the technique(s) (400-600 words)
  2. the technical challenges involved in making each technique a usable method for the visualisation of biological samples and the steps that have been taken to overcome these challenges (400-600
  3. discussion of how the technique(s) has the potential to be applied in the laboratory (or perhaps already are being applied) within the field of biomedical engineering (~1000 words). This should include a critical appraisal of the varied strategies and options available within the technique, a discussion of applications where each might be the method of choice and what developments we can expect in the future.

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