BHS013-6 Practical Portfolio Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

Unit learning outcomes of BHS013-6 Practical Portfolio Assignment

This practical report assessment principally assesses core learning outcomes 1 and 2:

Relation to the Unit Learning Outcomes

  1. The first core learning outcome requires that on completion of the unit you should be able to demonstrate a systematic understanding of measurement techniques in the biotechnology context.
  2. The second core learning outcome requires you to recognise and use professional standards for reporting laboratory data.
BHS013-6 Practical Portfolio

What am I required to do in this BHS013-6 Practical Portfolio Assignment ?

Brief Description of Assessment Task

  • Assignment 2 requires you to analyse and present laboratory analytical data and write a formal structured report according to peer-reviewed research standard.
  • In this case you will prepare a formal report of the Yeast Fermentation Practical and include electronic scanned copies of the original scanned results sheets of both the spectrophotometry practical and the yeast fermentation practical.

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

  • Appropriately analyse and present laboratory data Understand the meaning of analysed data.
  • Present a formal written report of the work according to expectations described in the assignment brief.

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