BHS014-6 Applied Microbiology Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

Unit learning outcomes of BHS014-6 Applied Microbiology Assignment

  1. Evaluate the conceptual and methodological advances in applied microbiology, and develop a critical appreciation of the potential and limitations of exploiting microorganisms for industrial and biotechnology applications including genomic, and multi/interdisciplinary approaches.
  2. Critically assess the literature relevant to the application of microbiology in industry, and identify key principles and methodologies applicable to specific contexts, also recognizing the applicable risks, and ethical issues as well as the areas requiring further research and development.
BHS014-6 Applied Microbiology

What am I required to do in this BHS014-6 Applied Microbiology Assignment

  1. You will carry out three laboratory practicals, one manipulation of bacteria (Part A): you will conduct transformation of E coli, preparation of agar plates, streak plate procedures, and assay to detect cellulose degrading bacteria (full details provided in laboratory handouts).
  2. You will record the results from the incubated plates and stain the cellulose plates to detect cellulase activity and conduct data analysis.
  3. In the third practical class you will carry out recombinant protein expression in bacteria, here you will conduct SDS polyacrylamide gel
    electrophoresis (SDS PAGE) assay.

Skills taught/practiced/assessed

Core technical skills

Biosafety & containment. Aseptic technique. Pipetting. Sample handling. Use of basic lab Equipment. Liquid handling.

Subject specific skills

Streak plating. Transformation of bacteria.Serial dilutions. Spread plating. Use of selective and differential agar. SDS PAGE.

Transferable skills

Time management. Team work. Communication. Scientific writing. Literature searching. Word processing. Data presentation. Referencing


Data handling. Scientific notation. Colony forming unit calculations.

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