BMS11110 Molecular Pharmacology And Toxicology Assignment – UK.

Subject Code & Title : BMS11110 Molecular Pharmacology And Toxicology
Assessment Type: Assignment
Please read the full instructions before you start writing.
Exam paper information :
1. Total number of pages: 4
2. Number of questions: 10
3. There are two sections in this paper. Answer ALL questions in Section A and Section B

BMS11110 Molecular Pharmacology And Toxicology Assignment

Special instructions :
1. None

Special items :
1.Journal article provided Reitman et al. (2012) Pharma cokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of MK-5046, a Bombesin Receptor Sub type-3 (BRS-3) Agonist, in Healthy Patients J. Clin. Pharmacol.

Section A :
You must answer all the questions in this section

Question [1]
Define pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

Question [2]
Explain what is meant by an ‘orphan receptor’.  How are orphan receptors usually discovered?

Question [3]
What is an adverse event?  Why do they occur?

Question [4]
Describe the process of drug elimination, giving details of the organs and enzymes involved.

Question [5]
What is the difference between receptor occupancy and agonism?

Question [6]
Paraphrase (write in your own words) the aim of the study written by Reitman et al. 2012.

Question [7]
Using the parameters of AUC and C max , and the details of fig. 1B, explain the effect of eating food on the pharmokinetics of MK-5046.

Question [8]
n your opinion, is it better to take MK-5046 with or without food?  Give reasons for your answer.

Question [9]
In a page or less, summarise the key points of this article (Reitman et al., 2012)

Paper continues overleaf

Section B :
You must answer the question in this section

Question 10
Explain the mechanism of action of lorcaserin. Describe the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of lorcaserin.  Give the advantages and disadvantages of the use of this drug over others.

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