BS1102 Introduction to Management Assignment-City, University of London

Instructions to students: All questions are compulsory


Dictionaries are not permitted.

TASK: BS1102 Introduction to Management Assignment

Question 1

It is fundamentally important to have an organizational structure that facilitates management in their tasks.

Illustrate why this is so with three examples, including those from the videos and case studies presented in class and explain what features an organizational structure should exhibit.(40 marks)

Question 2

“Knowing what kind of manager you are is the key to becoming a better manager.”

From your experience of completing the questionnaires in Introduction to Management, discuss the above assertion.(40 marks)

Question 3 : BS1102 Introduction to Management Assignment-City, University of London

Some young people go to university, whilst others do not. Some make the decision whether to do so or not themselves. Others have it made for them.

Discuss your decision to go to university in terms of your strategy, the importance of formulating and having a strategy when planning what to do in life and in how to behave as a manager, and how you might assess the success or otherwise of your undergraduate experience.(40 marks)

Question 4

Leadership is an important aspect of management but so is followership. A good leader will greatly enhance the performance of his or her followers and a good follower will do the same for his or her leader or leaders.

Providing at least three examples from the videos and cases presented in class, illustrate how, in principle, a good follower can support his or her leaders or superiors.(40 marks)

Question 5

Without effective control it is impossible to manage satisfactorily.

From the cases and videos presented in the course provide three examples of both good and poor control and indicate what tools and techniques can be employed to achieve effective control.(40 marks)

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