BSOM023 Accessible Design Assignment-Northampton University UK.

Subject Code&Title: BSOM023 Accessible Design
Assessment title: AS1 : Accessible Design
Weighting: 40%
Assessment Context:
Every day in a major city, millions of journeys are made by customers with disabilities, by passengers carrying heavy luggage and by people with small children. Hundreds of thousands of journeys are made by people aged over 75.
BSOM023 Accessible Design Assignment-Northampton University UK.

BSOM023 Accessible Design Assignment

Ensuring that the bus network continues to be accessible for all is critical for any city’s future economic prosperity and social cohesion.

There are many different user groups who have different needs with regard to bus stop design. Specific user groups that need special consideration include those customers that use a wheelchair, have limited mobility, are blind or visually impaired, are hearing impaired, have learning difficulties and the elderly.

The Assessment Task:
This assignment comprises two main deliverables, a Theoretical Discussion and a Design Audit. These two parts are to be joined into a single, professional report by appropriate linking text.

1.Compare and contrast the term Accessible Design with the related concepts of Universal Design, Inclusive and Participatory Design, and Use ability. You may draw on relevant non-academic as well as academic sources to support your discussion, providing those sources are sufficiently authoritative.

2.Using the supplied checklist, conduct a Design Audit on a bus stop of your own choosing, highlighting the factors that contribute to or detract from its Accessibility.

Analyse and evaluate the results of your audit against the relevant design standards. Identify any areas for improvement. To add balance, please also identify any areas where you feel the designers should be commended for the approach taken.

Key references will be supplied to help you. International students may localise the Field Audit to their home country by substituting the appropriate design stands in force.

The word count limit for this assessment is 1500 words (+/- 10%). In line with normal practice,tables, figures, references and appendices are excluded from this word count. Exceptionally, the checklist itself will not be considered as forming part of the word count.

Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:
a) Develop a deep and systematic understanding of the complex topics related to the opportunities and constraints that organisational characteristics place on operational managers within the supply chain context.
d) Analyse and offer solutions to problems from an International Supply Chain and Logistics Management context, making use of appropriate software (including spreadsheets, statistical packages and/or project management software) for analytical purposes.
e) Communicate effectively with specialist and non-specialist audiences and demonstrate sensitivity to responsibilities and contextual hierarchies.

Your grade will depend on the extent to which you meet these learning outcomes in the way relevant for this assessment. Please see the grading rubric on NILE for further details of the criteria against which you will be assessed.

BSOM023 Accessible Design Assignment-Northampton University UK.

BSOM023 Accessible Design Assignment

Assessment Support:
Specific support sessions for this assessment will be provided by the module team and notified through NILE, You can also access individual support and guidance for your assessments from the The is another useful source of online support for assessments and academic skills.

Academic Integrity and Misconduct
Unless this is a group assessment, the work you produce must be your own, with work taken from any other source properly referenced and attributed. For the avoidance of doubt this means that it is an infringement of academic integrity and, therefore, academic misconduct to ask someone else to carry out all or some of the work for you, whether paid or unpaid, or to use the work of another student whether current or previously submitted.

For further guidance on what constitutes plagiarism, contract cheating or collusion, or any other infringement of academic integrity, please read the University’s Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy. Also useful resources to help with understanding academic integrity are available from

N.B. The penalties for academic misconduct are severe and can include failing the assessment, failing the module and expulsion from the university.

Assessment Submission:
To submit your work, please go to the ‘Submit your work’ area on the NILE site and use the relevant submission point to upload your report. The deadline for this is 11.59 pm (UK local time) on the date of submission. Please note that essays and text based reports should be submitted as word documents and not PDFs or Mac files.

Written work submitted to TURNITIN will be subject to anti-plagiarism detection software. Turnitin checks student work for possible textual matches against internet available resources and its own proprietary database. Work

When you upload your work correctly to TURNITIN you will receive a receipt which is your record and proof of submission. If your assessment is not submitted to TURNITIN, rather than a receipt, you will see a green banner at the top of the screen that denotes successful submission.

N.B Work emailed directly to your tutor will not be marked.

Late submission of work
For first sits, if an item of assessment is submitted late and an extension has not been granted, the following will apply:

 Within one week of the original deadline – work will be marked and returned with full feedback, and awarded a maximum bare pass grade.
 More than one week from original deadline – grade achievable LG (L indicating late).

For resits there are no allowances for work submitted late and it will be treated as a non-submission.

Please see the Assessment and Feedback Policy for full information on the processes related to assessment, grading and feedback. You will also find the generic grading criteria for achievement at XXX.Com Also explained there are the meanings of the various G grades at the bottom of the grading scale including LG mentioned above.

The University of Northampton’s general policy with regard to extensions is to be supportive of students who have genuine difficulties, but not against pressures of work that could have reasonably been anticipated.

For full details please refer to the Extensions Policy. Extensions are only available for first sits – they are not available for resits.

Mitigating Circumstances
For guidance on Mitigating circumstances please go to Mitigating Circumstances where you will find detailed guidance on the policy as well as guidance and the form for making an application.

BSOM023 Accessible Design Assignment-Northampton University UK.

BSOM023 Accessible Design Assignment

Please note, however, that an application to defer an assessment on the grounds of mitigating circumstances should normally be made in advance of the submission deadline or examination date.

Feedback and Grades
These can be accessed through clicking on the Feedback and Grades tab on NILE. Feedback will be provided by a rubric with summary comments.

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