BSOM072 Holistic Value Chain Management Assignment – UK

Module Code :- BSOM072
Module Title :- Risk And Resilience In Holistic Value Chain Management
Weighting:- 60%
Word Count :- 2400 words
Assessment Type :- AS2: Individual Consultive Report
Please read this assessment brief in its entirety before starting work on the Assessment.
BSOM072 Holistic Value Chain Management Assignment – UK

BSOM072 Holistic Value Chain Management Assignment

Assessment Task :
From the industry your team researched in AS1 please choose one company. You may search for other related literature and new to expand your knowledge about the cases.

You are expected to write a reflective critical thinking report in MS Doc or MSDocx format

completing all of the following two tasks in the order given below:

1.Choose a company from the industry you analysed in AS1 group poster this has to be different for each member and different Then critically read and analyse the reports and information, and any related news and literature. Summarize the positive points and points to improve related to risk and resilience in the value chain and then summarize the lessons learned in the case individually and both cases collectively and comparatively. Avoid unnecessary repetition definitions and descriptions.

2.Make your practical evidence-backed recommendations on how to manage and improve risk and resiliency in these complex supply chains and similar organisations.Base argue and justify recommendations on the facts and the lessons you gathered in the first task. You may point to any challenges in implementing recommendations and solutions to overcome them improve the organisation’s supply chain resilience.

BSOM072 Risk And Resilience In Holistic Value Chain Management Assignment – UK

Note: The word counts exclude the list of references that appear at end of your report.

Submission Document Format :
Your submission must be presented as a report in MS Doc or MS Docx format with simple sub-headings. The word count should be 2,400 words +/-10% tables diagrams and appendices are excluded from the count), in Arial 11pt single spaced and with 2-inch margins.

The Assignment report should have a Front Sheet showing student name student number the module name and number the assignment title the module tutor’s name the date and the word count.

Grading parameters :-
Grading will be based on aspects including i) your critical analysis skills with respect to risk management practiced in a business organisation’s supply chain ii) the quality of your writing in the context of a business case study iii) your presentation of the case study and the extent to which it aligns with real-world case study reports submitted by real-world consultants iv) the extent to which your submission addresses the learning outcomes of the module.

BSOM072 Holistic Value Chain Management Assignment – UK

On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:
Investigate risk management and resilience building within supply chain systems
Critically evaluate the challenges and opportunities within supply chain systems with a focus on their approaches to risk management
Demonstrate originality in your critique of the resilience within supply chain management systems

Assessment Support :-
Specific support sessions for this assessment will be provided by the module team and notified through NILE You can also access individual support and guidance for your assessments from the Learning Development team. The Skills Hub is another useful source of online support for assessments and academic skills.

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