BSS027-2 Operations And Project Management Assignment – UK

Unit title & code :- Operations and Project Management BSS027-2
Assignment number and title :- Assignment 1
Assignment type :- Portfolio
Weighting of assignment :- 40%
Size or length of assessment :- 2,400
BSS027-2 Operations And Project Management Assignment 1 – UK

BSS027-2 Operations And Project Management Assignment

Unit learning outcomes :-
1.Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding – Understanding of the importance of business systems and the use of information systems and databases to facilitate planning and management decision-making. Knowledge of a range of tools techniques frameworks and academic models relating to management solutions involving operations and projects.

2.Demonstrate the following skills and abilities – Ability to analyse and evaluate the operational and project requirements of organisations and generate appropriate and coherent administration and planning recommendations and choices.

What am I required to do in this assignment?
You will be provided Case Study data on the operations of the Case Study organization please view the Case Study Information document on the BREO Shell with a focus on data storage and sharing internal communications and collaboration. With this information you will be required to write a 2,400 word Portfolio word-count excluding cover page bibliography reference list and appendices including the following Portfolio Paper topics:

1.Analysing Data Sharing and Digital Collaboration – Focus on Data Silos
2.Email Replacement Project – Project Management Business Case (example template will be provided)

BSS027-2 Operations And Project Management Assignment – UK

The first Portfolio Paper is an analysis of the data sharing and digital collaboration issues present within the case study with a particular focus on data silos. You should identify relevant issues contained within the case study data provided and analyse

them with in the context of available academic literature and non-academic high quality information where possible.

The second Portfolio Paper presents a Business Case for a project to address some or all of the issues identified. An example Business Case template will be provided which should be used.

Additional Guidance :-
1. Vagueness – avoid making only vague or general points, you need to explain the rationale behind your choices the academic tools frame works used the issues that you took into consideration and also demonstrate that you have given some thought to the implementation and implications of your arguments.
2. Academic content – you are expected to include academic material into your report rather than relying upon online sources alone. You need to demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical back ground of operations and project management through your citation of relevant academic content.
3. Presentation and structure – to achieve an excellent grade, your presentation also should be excellent – this includes numbering tables referencing correctly etc. Do not present a lot of data and information in tables as appendices. Data or statistics that refer directly to your discussion in the main body, should be presented in the main body. Tables and figures – tables and figures need to be numbered and each should have a title that is self-explanatory. Your analytical content must be high demonstrating critical thinking and the ability to apply relevant marketing concepts
4. Word limit – 2,400 words. This will exclude your references in the executive summary reference list title page table of contents and the appendices. Please note that your cover page must have your Full Name and ID Number.

BSS027-2 Operations And Project Management Assignment – UK

BSS027-2 Operations And Project Management Assignment

What do I need to do to pass?
Demonstrate knowledge of a range of Operations and Project Management tools and techniques appropriate for different types of projects and develop and evaluate plans applying appropriate Operations and Project Management skills and techniques.

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
We will be filling this section in together in class on Click or tap to enter a date. make sure you have downloaded printed out the Assignment Brief and bring it to the session with you.

BSS027-2 Operations And Project Management Assignment – UK

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
We will discuss and explore both necessary operations management concepts and the project management tools in scheduled sessions developing and refining our knowledge regarding internal communication data silos business systems and other related academic theories models and concepts. You should develop this body of knowledge and apply to your individual reports.

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