BSS045-3 Specialist Project Dissertation Proposal Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

Unit title & code BSS045-3 Specialist Project (Dissertation)
Assignment number and title Assignment 1 Project Proposal
Assignment type WR-I
Weighting of assignment 20%
Size or length of assessment 2,000 words
Unit learning outcomes
1. Demonstrate understanding of the research process in the context of your chosen business-related specialist project
2.To develop, plan and implement a valid and academically reliable research-based project
BSS045-3 Specialist Project Dissertation Proposal Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

BSS045-3 Specialist Project Dissertation Proposal Assignment

What am I required to do in this assignment?
You are required to present your Research Proposal (2000 words and minimum of 15 references). You will be informed when and how the
presentation will happen via BREO. You must also submit your presentation onto BREO using the assessment submission link. The Proposal need to be of academic quality and be fully referenced using appropriate sources.

During the first semester you should be thinking and consulting with your supervisor with regards to your chosen topic. The culmination of this process is the project proposal submission in teaching week 4 of the 2nd Semester.

It is of fundamental importance that the project you choose is a project that you feel will sustain your interest throughout the unit. You must adopt an appropriate research methodology in order to meet the needs of the final assessment. It is fundamental that your approach in resolving the research aim and objectives are robust and methodologically sound. A reasoned review of relevant literature will be expected and a well-thought out explanation of the research methodology chosen.

The generation of data is a crucial aspect of the project and must be fully considered at the preliminary stage outlined above. The project
proposal that you submit in week 4 should have a detailed plan and schedule of this activity (Gantt chart), noting problems, bottlenecks or
likely pressure on you or your time (risk register).

1.1 Project Proposal Submission
Your supervisor will assist you with the development of a project proposal. The proposal should provide an account of how you are going to respond to the topic. It should contain the following aspects:
I.Introduction to the project/dissertation (overview; context; aim & objectives: 1 aim and maximum 3 appropriate objectives)
ii.Brief Literature Review (on main scholarly areas of knowledge)
iii.Methodology (what kind of data and creative processes you will adopt to meet your chosen objectives/specifications)
iv.Potential outcomes
v.A conceptual map that outlines the concepts explored in the Literature Review
vi. Gantt Chart
vii.Risk Register
a. The resources you would need, what are the risk, where you lack resources, knowledge, access etc.
b. The knowledge you have and/or intend to gain during the project, how have you ensured you will be able to gain the knowledge you need for the successful completion of the dissertation.
c. Any health and safety issues that may arise.
d. Any other risks that you perceive for the dissertation.
viii. A list of the key reference sources for the project that you have identified. (15 references as a minimum , including journal articles with more than 4 stars per review).

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
Submit your work through BREO by the deadline required
 The proposal should have all the required components of a research proposal as listed in the assessment brief
 Demonstrate appropriate understanding of your chosen project by providing background to the research problem and outline of
the key literature explaining the research problem
 Demonstrate the ability to develop, plan and implement an academically valid and reliable project methodology
 Evidence critical reasoning using Harvard style of referencing

Note: Turnitin will be used for all submissions to check for plagiarism. We also reserve the right to initiate a viva voce examination if we
have concerns regarding the originality of your submission. You need to be available for a viva if called following the submission of your work. Non-attendance counts as non-submission.

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?

BSS045-3 Specialist Project Dissertation Proposal Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

BSS045-3 Specialist Project Dissertation Proposal Assignment

We will be filling this section in together in class on week 1 SEM 2 make sure you have downloaded/printed out the Assignment Brief and bring it to the session with you.

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?

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