BST838 Supply Chain Dynamics Resit Coursework Assignment – UK

Unit Code & Title :- BST838 Supply Chain Dynamics Resit Coursework
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Percentage of assessment : 100%
1 Background
The order-up to model is well studied in the past due to its simplicity How ever it is known from many behavioural experiments (e.g., Sterman 1989) that this model does not always reflect the true human behaviour when it comes to ordering decisions. The APIOBPCS Automatic Pipeline Inventory and Order Based Production Control System model which appeared in Sterman (1989) and later in Simon et al. (1994), better describes human behaviour by introducing two weighting factors to the ordering decision function.
BST838 Supply Chain Dynamics Resit Coursework Assignment – UK

BST838 Supply Chain Dynamics Resit Coursework Assignment

In this assignment, you are expected to
• via a literature review, justify the necessity of extending the order-up-to model to the APIOBPCS model;

• conduct a simulation experiment based on the given system model. Through observation of out put graphs and numerical assessments investigate the impact of the two feedback parameters on system performance.

2.The inventory system model

The model is established for a single-product, single-echelon, periodic-review inventory system. For simplicity all linear assumptions free returns back order etc.) are made in this model. The demand is assumed to follow an i.i.d. normal distribution with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 5. Production lead-time is assumed to be constant and equal to 4 periods.

The following notations should be used in this assignment:

BST838 Supply Chain Dynamics Resit Coursework Assignment
BST838 Supply Chain Dynamics Resit Coursework Assignment

3. Model justification :-
Conduct a thorough literature review on the order-up-to and APIOBPCS policies. Based on your under standing of the order-up-to model and the ABIOBPCS model think about the following:
• (Q1) Why is the Beer Game model proposed?
• (Q2) What advantages and disadvantages does the Beer Game model possess compared to the order up-to model?

4.Simulation analysis
Based on the mathematical model above, establish a simulation model with a spreadsheet to investigate the following problem:

5.Report :
The following parts should be included in the final report.

1.Literature Review :-
You should conduct a literature review to ensure that you possess adequate back ground knowledge of the history and technical issues of the two models. A minimum of 20 articles should be included in the review. Citation and reference should be in the appropriate form.

2.Model justification :-
Answer Q1 and Q2. The justification should be based on the literature review that you have conducted. You also need to use causal loop diagrams to demonstrate your points.

3.Simulation analysis :-
Answer Q 3 and Q 4. You should support your answer with results in numerical and graphical forms (e.g. tables and figures. They will greatly enhance the readability.How ever Tables and figures should not be copied from a direct screenshot of the spread sheet.

The report should also be written in fluent plain English (10%) and show clear organization (10%). The word limit of the report is 3000 excluding figures, tables, and references. Please name your submission file by your student number only, e.g., 1234567.pdf or 1234567.docx.

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