BUSI12336 Personal And Academic Development Assignment – UK

Unit Code & Title :- BUSI12336 Personal And Academic Development
Assessment Type :- Assignment Individual Report
Weighting :-  The grades for the Report and the Verbal Presentation for the NBS Discover Poster Presentation Progress Task for Assessment 1 are worth 50% of the overall module mark.
BUSI12336 Personal And Academic Development Assignment – UK

BUSI12336 Personal And Academic Development Assignment

Module Learning Outcomes:
Knowledge and understanding
c. Apply discipline relevant tools and concepts to business scenarios Skills qualities and attributes
d. Reflect upon cross-cultural communication CCL and responsible sustainable and ethical RSE practice in a business context.
h. Demonstrate that they have acquired relevant professional skills linked to their future employment aspirations.

Report: Food Sustainability – The Brief
Context :-
Here are some extracts from prominent organisations’ websites that call-to-action the world’s governments businesses and the food industry to reduce the impact that the world’s food production processes are having on our planet. During this project ask yourself how businesses in the food industry can become more responsible sustainable and ethical in their operations?

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Report, ‘Appetite for Destruction’ (2017) provides context for this Report. Please note you can also read the full report which is in the PAD Learning Room on the ‘NOW’ system.

WWFs vision is a future where people and nature thrive together. Ensuring that all people have easy access to sufficiently nourishing food is an essential part of this future. However today’s food system occupies ever more land uses more freshwater resources and contributes significantly to environmental degradation habitat loss and climate change.

As well as undermining the nature that we depend on today’s food system is under pressure from a growing global population which is expected to surpass nine billion by 2050.

Three billion people are set to enter the global middle classes with a majority living in urban areas as we see the rise of 41 megacities with 10 million or more residents by 2030.

As people move from the countryside to cities and become weal thier they tend to increase their calorie intake and move toward a Western-style diet with more meat dairy and processed foods. With a growing demand for resource-intensive animal products comes an increased need for animal feed putting further strain on land water resources and biodiversity. As well as threatening the future of our living planet this has serious implication for food security health and well-being.

Growing global demand threatens the biodiversity of these areas and the resource and water security of their inhabitants. And, within an interconnected food system these risks also affect the security of our food supply here in the UK. Feeding animals with crops that could be eaten by humans is not only ineffective: it’s also having a knock on effect on our health as products from these intensively reared animals have been shown to have increased levels of unhealthy saturated fat. This perpetuates the negative impacts of the Western diet which is already linked to health concerns such as heart attack stroke and Type II diabetes.

BUSI12336 Personal And Academic Development Assignment – UK

The opening statement on the Friends of the Earth website (2022), reads as follows:
“How does farming affect our environment

Intensive farming is linked to loss of wild life soil and water pollution and poor animal welfare.

Some people say its the only way to feed a growing world population at a time when climate change soil degradation and water shortages are threatening food production. But we dont need factory farms loads of chemicals or genetically modified seeds to feed a growing population.

We need to improve the ways we produce food – and learn from farmers in the UK and a broad who are cutting their emissions, restoring their soils and protecting their local eco systems. We also need to eat more plants less and better meat and dairy and waste less food. Our food and farming system needs a healthy environment and must play its part in building one.”

The UN (United Nations) Environment Programme (2022) report:
Today agricultural systems across Asia Pacific are challenged by climate change and other threats such as increased energy costs. Within such a context sustainable resource-efficient agricultural practices help farmers adapt to change sustain their livelihoods and reduce green house gas emissions from farm activities.

Sustainable food production also necessitates the development of sustainable food value chains in order to offer innovative pathways out of poverty eg. by local value addition through local processing and by linking farmers directly to higher-value export markets.

Food waste reduction represents an important but often overlooked component of sustainable food systems. Globally, up to 33% of all food harvested is wasted. Addressing food waste offers a major opportunity to improve food security and minimize the environmental footprint of agricultural systems throughout the supply chain.

BUSI12336 Personal And Academic Development Assignment – UK

BUSI12336 Personal And Academic Development Assignment

The UK’s Food Ethics Council (2022) confirms its standpoint:
Our food systems have huge impacts on people animals and the planet. Considering this range of positive and negative impacts in the round helps us under stand the UKs performance on food sustain ability.

Robust and trust worthy indexes can help to hold the UK government and devolved administrations to account for their actions or in action and monitor their progress towards a UK food system fit for future generations. Comparing the UK’s performance on a global and regional scale gives a snap shot of the UK’s current position and an indication of where the UK needs to be. In short indexes done well have the power to drive change.

The UK’s performance on food sustainability is dis appointing. With the future of food farming the environment animals and our health at stake there is an urgent need for co herence not complacency.

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