CI5210 Physical And IP Addressing System Design Reassessment – UK

Module :- CI5210 Networking Concepts
Title of Assignment :- Physical and IP Addressing System Design Reassessment
Module weighting :- 30%
Academic Misconduct
Plagiarism is presenting somebody else’s work as your own. It is an offence to copy materials even if it is a phrase or a sentence from the Internet or other work and publications. You must write every thing in your own words. Collusion is also an offence i.e. allowing another student to use your work even if it is just as a template! There is a heavy penalty for plagiarism and collusion which could see you receiving a ZERO mark and your subsequent academic record may be affected. Further details about plagiarism and referencing can be found at:
CI5210 Physical And IP Addressing System Design Reassessment – UK

CI5210 Physical And IP Addressing System Design Reassessment

Coursework Aim
This course work is simpler than the original as you only have two weeks in which to complete it. It is based on the pre built topology shown in Figure 1.

CI5210 Physical And IP Addressing System Design Reassessment

Part A
Describe the topology, giving a plausible rationale for its design. Be sure to demonstrate an under standing of the concepts of workgroups leased lines (WANs) and backbone networks. What are some typical services that could be provided by the central server?

Part B :-
The internet work is to have the IP address Choose a suitable fixed-length subnet mask to provide unique IP addresses for all hosts (including those not explicitly shown in the model and router ports. Be sure that you have enough subnet addresses to accommodate all the networks in the design. Document your addressing scheme and assign all hosts and router ports their appropriate addresses.

Part C
The routing tables in this particular internetwork are to be manually configured and maintained. Design and configure the routing tables, and demonstrate connectivity across the internet work.

Present your report in the usual academic style, e.g.

  1. Introduction
  2. Description of Topology
  3. IP Addressing Scheme (be sure to show all your calculations)
  4. Routing table configuration
  5. Testing
  6. Discussion and Conclusions

Although there is no maximum word limit there are no marks for un necessary wordiness: try to proportion your word count to the amount of information you have to convey. If you feel anything in this specification is ambiguous or unclear feel free to make any sensible assumptions though remember to write down these assumptions in your report.

Getting a Better Mark
1. Although references are not necessary, you may improve your marks by citing some well chosen sources Please use the Harvard style or another recognised system.

You may want to reorganize the design for greater efficiency perhaps using VLANs or a VLSM addressing scheme. How ever please only do this AFTER you have completed the FLSM scheme other wise you will lose marks.

CI5210 Physical And IP Addressing System Design Reassessment Assignment – UK

Submission details :
Submission of coursework will be performed using Turnitin on Canvas, on or before the deadline. If you are ill or have problems which prevent you from meeting the deadline you may be able to negotiate an extension in advance. The University Mitigating Circumstances policy may applies and you will need to use the online Extensions and Mitigation Circumstances system. Remember that if you submit a piece of work or attend an examination you have judged yourself fit to undertake the assessment and cannot claim mitigating circumstances retrospectively.

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