CI5210 The RIP2 And EIGRP Routing Protocols Reassessment – UK

Module : CI5210
Title of Assignment: The RIP2 and EIGRP Routing Protocols Reassessment
Module weighting: 30%
Coursework Aim:
This course work is simpler than the original as you only have two weeks in which to complete it. It is based on the pre built testbed topology shown in Figure 1.
CI5210 The RIP2 And EIGRP Routing Protocols Reassessment – UK

CI5210 The RIP2 And EIGRP Routing Protocols Reassessment
CI5210 The RIP2 And EIGRP Routing Protocols Reassessment

Part A
Describe the testbed commenting on the arrangement of PCs and routers. What sort of scenario night this topology represent in the real world. Configure suitable IP addresses for the different devices and attempt to ping between the two PCs. Comment on the result.

Part B :
Create a copy of the testbed file, and configure each router with RIP Version 2.
1.Test the connectivity between the two PCs noting the route that the packets take. You can observe the packets using the simulation feature in Packet Tracer though tracert may be more useful for recording the results.
2. Disable the serial link and repeat the experiment, commenting on the results.

Part C
Create a second copy of the testbed file and configure each router using EIGRP.
1. Repeat the tests connectivity tests between the two PCs.
2. Disable the middle router and repeat the experiment, making note of the results.
3. With the middle router reactivated replace the serial link with a fibre optic Ethernet connection Then

In the lught of your results and with particular reference to routing metrics discuss the relative merits of RIP and EIGRP as routing protocols. Can you identify scenarios in which each would have an advantage over the other?

CI5210 The RIP2 And EIGRP Routing Protocols Reassessment Assignment – UK

Present your report in the usual academic style e.g.

  1. Introduction
  2. Description of Testbed
  3. Experiments Performed Using RIP Version 2
  4. Experiments Performed using EIGRP
  5. Discussion and Conclusions

Although there is no maximum word limit, there are no marks for un necessary wordiness: try to proportion your word count to the amount of information you have to convey. If you feel anything in this specification is ambiguous or un clear feel free to make any sensible assumptions though remember to write down these assumptions in your report.

Getting a Better Mark

1. As well as doing the simple ICMP tests ping and tracert use the show commands to obtain deeper understanding and discuss the results in your report Examples include show ip rip data base show ip route and show ip interface brief You can find more information by searching online.

2. Although references are not necessary you may improve your marks by citing some well chosen sources using the Harvard style or another recognised system.

Submission details :-
Submission of course work will be performed using Turnitin on Canvas, on or before the deadline. If you are ill or have problems which prevent you from meeting the deadline you may be able to negotiate an extension in advance. The University Mitigating Circumstances policy may apply and you will need to use the online Extensions and Mitigation Circumstances system. Remember that if you submit a piece of work or attend an examination you have judged yourself fit to under take the assessment and can not claim mitigating circumstances retrospectively.

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