CIS092-1 Fundamentals of Software Engineering- Bedfordshire University UK.

Assignment 1
Unit learning outcomes of CIS092-1 Fundamentals of Software Engineering

Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding

  • Describe and identify the application of software engineering in a range of contexts applicable to the course of study

Demonstrate the following skills and abilities

  • Apply the practical and professional skills needed to cope with the demands of your course (which are also important to employers) and demonstrate an ability to reflect on your development
CIS092-1 Fundamentals of Software Engineering

What am I required to do in this CIS092-1 Fundamentals of Software Engineering Assignment ?

The first assignment requires you to work both individually and in a group. Your submission will be an individual submission and it will relate to the course you are studying.

“Technology moves fast. Some of the top jobs in Software Engineering did not exist 10 or even 5 years ago. Discuss how the

“challenges of a swiftly changing job market are met by your university course.”

• Produce a short ‘formative’ written 500 word report on the topic given above and provide feedback to other students within the group on the reports that they have produced

• Produce a 1500 word ‘summative’ written report that conforms to a given professional template. An opportunity will be provided to obtain formative feedback during the construction process

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

  • Identify at least three relevant sources of information for your report.
  • Synthesize these sources to present a coherent summary of the topic.
  • Present a clear rational argument in written form.

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