CIS114-6 Network Systems & Administration Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

Unit learning outcomes of CIS114-6 Network Systems & Administration Assignment

  1. Demonstrate deep and systematic understanding of system and networking concepts, including principles, technologies, and emerging trends.
  2. Scientifically and critically analyse, implement and evaluate networking techniques, technologies, strategies and methodologies used in industry. Apply analytical and problem-solving skills in order to select and implement networking solutions appropriate to multiple organisational and environmental contexts.
CIS114-6 Network Systems & Administration

What am I required to do in this assignment?

Your task is to implement a virtualised environment-based solution demonstrating the operation of a VPN operating in site-to-site (Tunnel mode). Your virtual machines (VMs) requirements must include 2 VyOS routers (fully configured using the VyOS router own commands – similar to Juniper and Cisco routers commands

CIS114-6 Network Systems & Administration

Figure 2 shows an optional configuration where additional XP VMs are to be used to demonstrate the VPN operations in both site-to-site and remote VPN (Tunnel and Transport modes) with additional Wireshark captures to be performed from one of the XP VMs.


Task 1

Implement the topology shown in Figure 1 with fully functional routers (i.e.
a network connecting the two VyOS routers). The network should be configured, tested, demonstrated, and clearly documented (part of task 3) showing its full operation. Routing between the two routers must be configured using any form of routing. Details of your routing implementation must be clearly stated/shown.

Task 2

Configure, test, and demonstrate the VPN operation.
Captured traffic must be shown to demonstrate the operation of the VPN
and when the VPN is not active.

Task 3

Technical report documenting all the work done in the previous tasks. See
the points below under Documentation Requirements.

Optional Task

Implement the topology shown in Figure 2 using the same network in Task
1 extended with 2 Windows XP VMs to demonstrate transport mode operation. The network should be configured, tested, demonstrated, and
clearly documented as in Task 3 requirements showing its full operation.
Wireshark captured traffic must be shown to demonstrate the operation of
the VPN and when the VPN is not active.

Documentation Requirements

  • Details of installation, configuration, and testing must be included in the report.
  • All commands used must be fully explained and referenced accordingly.
  • No definitions or any textbook materials should be included in this technical report.
  • All screenshots should be your own captured ones and no copies used from the Internet or other students.
  • All screenshots must be original and not modified.
  • Any screenshot identified to have been manipulated to change some of its contents may result in an Academic Concern being raised.
  • All screenshots must have a summary caption to explain them.
  • All screenshots must be correctly cropped to only show the important content.
  • Failure to follow the screenshots points above will result in up to 10 marks being deducted.


To demonstrate the full operation of your systems in your report with accompanying screenshots and sniffer dumps, follow the steps below:

  1. Test the connectivity between the two routers to show successful results
  2. Capture the connection traffic using a sniffer installed on one of the routers
  3. Activate your VPN tunnel and check the connection between the routers
  4. Capture the traffic over the VPN tunnel
  5. Compare the two types of captured traffic and explain your results.

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