CIS120-6 Research Methodologies & Project Management Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK

Unit learning outcomes of CIS120-6 Research Methodologies & Project Management Assignment

  1. Develop critical evaluation and understanding of knowledge on various research principles and methodologies and synthesise core project management processes and procedures to assure project success and minimise risk within the constraints of legal and ethical issues.
  2. Flexibly and autonomously apply knowledge on solutions to open research problems that underpin professional practice in project management and demonstrate the ability to understand research impact, develop gap analysis tools and techniques and contextualise within legal and ethical frameworks
CIS120-6 Research Methodologies & Project Management

What am I required to do in this CIS120-6 Research Methodologies & Project Management Assignment ?

You will be using a tailored project management methodology to run a real-life project based on PRINCE2® and the PMBOK®.
This is an individual assignment. You will be added to a project team. During the course of the assignment you might have further people added to the team; your team might be split up or merged with other teams or you might be allocated to a different team. In this situation you are assessed and marked against your contribution to the project team(s) you are working with. If you do not contribute to your team you will receive a low grade.
This assignment is designed to develop and assess your project management skills through the management of a project from its initial
inception right the way through to product delivery and lessons learned report.

Your Project:

As part of an educational advisory project, your team has been asked to create an educational showcase about an emerging technology. As part of the project, you are required to research this emerging technology systematically. The area that your team looks at should be
directly related to the course that you are studying, but may cover any aspect of technology within this area.

As an individual you must submit the following by the end of Week 6:

1) Project documentation and artefacts for which you were accountable, as indicated in the RACI matrix (see below).
2) A reflective report with an evaluation of the project progress including alternative strategies that could have been followed with analysis of the repercussions or advantages of such strategies. The report must also identify the legal and ethical aspects of the project, relating them to the BCS code of conduct.
3) Any other documentation that indicates your engagement with other project activities. These will not be directly marked but inform the components 1) and 2) above.
4) A peer review form using the template provided on BREO.

As a team you must produce the following deliverables before the end of Week 5:

1) Comprehensive Project Management Documentation – these must include a Project Brief, Project Initiation Document, Highlight Reports, Lessons Learned Report and Meeting Minutes.
2) A RACI Matrix based on the template provided on BREO.
3) A Risk Response Plan that clearly addresses the risks specific to the project.
4) A structured report (approximately four pages) on the emerging technology aimed at subject experts.
5) A report (approximately four pages) that addresses the ethical and legal challenges that may arise as a result of this technology.
6) A short video on the technology that can be used as an introductory educational tool.
7) A social media presentation (e.g. blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on the technology.
8) A poster.

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