CO45 15 Trends in Cybercrime Essay-Central Lancashire University UK.

1.Learning Outcomes
This assignment addresses the following learning outcomes from the module syllabus:
 Critically evaluate methods and techniques used for cyber crime.
 Investigate, summarise and review emerging technologies and their use in cyber crime.
 Discuss cyber crime topics and implications from a multidisciplinary/multi-viewpoint
CO45 15 Trends in Cybercrime Essay-Central Lancashire University UK.

CO45 15 Trends in Cybercrime Essay

2.Assignment Description

Anonymous technologies, the same way as other technologies, can be used for legitimate and illegitimate purposes. This assignment comprises two parts.You may choose to investigate one specific class of anonymous technology (e.g., anonymous web browsing, anonymous P2P communication, anonymous emailing service, anonymous content distribution), one specific technique (e.g., onion routing, proxy server, mix network, remailer), or one specific application (e.g., Tor, I2P, Freenet, Mixmaster, Osiris Serveless Portal System).

The essay should contain a maximum of 1600 words – excluded the list of references, and should:
(i) Summarise, in no more than 150 words how the chosen class, technique, or application works. Use references to provide deeper explanations and definitions.
(ii) Discuss how the chosen class, technique, or application has been used by Internet users for legitimate purposes.
(iii) Discuss how the chosen class, technique, or application has been used by cyber criminals (illegitimate purposes).
(iv) Discuss and critically evaluate which measures can be adopted against the chosen anonymous technology used by cyber criminals.
(v) Critically evaluate and discuss the literature, rather than simply regurgitating what you have read.You have to interpret, reflect and be critical about what you read and about the sources you actually use.
(vi) Contrast and compare the legitimate and illegitimate viewpoints (usages) of the chosen anonymous technology.
(vii) Use in-text citations where neccessary, which should be in Harvard style 1

There is no template to follow for the essay; it is up to you to make it look neat, logically structured and coherent. Also, remember that the language used should be specific, precise, objective, direct, and simple. You should not use colloquial language, should use your own words, and you are advised to use short sentences, appropriate for technical writing.

CO45 15 Trends in Cybercrime Essay-Central Lancashire University UK.

CO45 15 Trends in Cybercrime Essay

3. Submission

Learning to write concisely is an important skill to develop and is useful throughout your academic and professional career. Your mark will be penalised if you exceed the word counts or page limits.
1.For every 10% you exceed your word limit, you will have 10% of your marks removed until a maximum of 100%. Your word limit does not include references, but does include citations (quotes).
You should use Microsoft Word to complete this assignment. If you use a word processor other than Microsoft Word then you should check to ensure that the document layout is the same as Microsoft Word. The essay should be in a single column format with the default settings (font, margin, space) of MS Word.The submission should be done via Turnitin on Blackboard.

4. Penalties for late submission

Except where an extension of the hand-in and/or discussion deadline dates have been approved (using extenuating circumstances forms), lateness penalties will be applied in accordance with University policy as shown in Table 12

5. Extenuating circumstances and extension

Extensions are granted when there are serious and exceptional factors outside your control.Everyday occurrences such as colds and hay fever do not normally qualify for extensions.Where possible, requests for extensions should be made before the hand-in date.

6.Unfair Means to Enhance Performance

The University operates an electronic plagiarism detection service (Turnitin) where your work will be automatically uploaded, stored and cross-referenced against other material. You should be aware that the software searches the World Wide Web, extensive databases of
reference material and work submitted by members of the same class to identify duplication.

To avoid accusations of plagiarism, give an in-text citation and provide bibliographic details of any source used in the references list. Remember that you can reuse ideas from different sources but not literal text.

Plagiarism is not acceptable and you will face consequences when it is detected by Turnitin. For detailed information on the procedures relating to plagiarism, please see the current version of the University Academic Regulations.3

CO45 15 Trends in Cybercrime Essay-Central Lancashire University UK.

CO45 15 Trends in Cybercrime Essay
7.Reassessed Work

Reassessment in written examinations and coursework is at the discretion of the Course Assessment Board and is dealt with strictly in accordance with University policy and procedures. Revision classes for referrals will take place during ’reassessment revision,appeals and guidance week’ as marked on the academic calendar.

The mark for the reassessed module is subject to a maximum of 50%. This is not the case when you got EC approved.

Please see the UCLAN Academic Regulations and Assessment Handbook for information and penalties related to “unfair means to enhance performance”4

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