COCS70665 Proposal For Virtualisation Assignment – UK

Module Code & Title :-  COCS70665 Proposal For Virtualisation
Assessment Type :-  Assignment 1
Weighting :- 100%
Title of Assignment :- Proposal for Virtualisation – Vault Technologies Ltd
Introduction :- The aim of this assessment is to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your under standing of the concepts within of cloud computing and virtualization and how it can be implemented in a typical organization.
COCS70665 Proposal For Virtualisation Assignment – UK

COCS70665 Proposal For Virtualisation Assignment

Your assessment consists of an individual report which is weighted at 100% of the
module grade.
You are expected to write an individual technical report.

When reading this assignment please read all elements fully and under stand what is being asked of you and if you have any issues please ask the lecturer or tutorial team.

Module Learning Outcomes for This Assignment

Learning Outcome :-
1. Critically Assess And Evaluate The Architectural Principles At The Fore front Of Professional Practice Concerning Using Virtualized Technology And The Supporting Infrastructure.

Knowledge & Under standing Learning

2.Demonstrate A Systematic Understanding Of The Different Aspects Of Virtualization And The Potential Commercial Social And Environmental Impact.

COCS70665 Proposal For Virtualisation Assignment – UK

Communication Knowledge & Understanding

3.Critically Compare And Evaluate Different Competing Technologies To Solve A Defined Problem.

Analysis Knowledge & Under standing Reflection

4. Demonstrate A Critical Understanding At The Fore front Of The Discipline And Critically Analyse The Security Considerations Of A Commercial Virtualized Environment And Any Associated Commercial Risks.

Analysis Application

5. Critically Discuss The Social And Environmental Impact Of Virtualisation Technology And The Legal And Regulatory Issues Of The Use Of Such Technology And The Wider Social Legal And Ethical Issues Relevant To The Cloud Computing Professional.

COCS70665 Proposal For Virtualisation Assignment – UK

Analysis Communication Knowledge & Understanding

Submission Guidelines :-

a) Individual technical report Microsoft Office word which should include your implementation solution for the scenario.

All submissions are only electronic should be submitted via Black board.
If you have any questions queries please contact your tutor.

Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty
Please DO NOT COPY any other student’s work or lend other students your work or
copy directly sentences and paragraphs from the Internet unless attributing the section correctly to the author in quote marks e.g.

In general try only to quote short sentences and not paragraphs in full.
Instead you should as much as possible try to use your own words. As a guide you should try to limit your usage of direct quotes to around 5 or 7 occurrences within the report. Remember also to put in the full reference in Harvard referencing stylee.g.

Please also note that the content written in the report must be original in relation to
your other modules i.e. you must not copy and reuse content directly from your other modules as this will breach the university’s rules on academic dishonesty.

If you are unsure of these rules please access the following web site:

Vault Technology Ltd Computing Scenario
Vault Technology Ltd is a VR Solutions company with headquarters based in Manchester UK.

This start up company develops VR software in 4 departments Second Life Military Simulation Medical Simulation and Apocalypse Scenarios. The company employs 83 staff at its only staffed office in Manchester.

The employees who work for the company are a mix of specialised software engineers in the 4 departments 80 Engineers total 20 per department administration 2 Admin Staff and a CEO.

Each of the 4 offices supports up to 20 engineers at any one time and has 160 CAD Work stations 2 per 1 engineer. Each engineer currently requires a Windows 10 based Work station for specialist VRDev software and a Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Linux Workstation for specialist Vault VR software.

Note these software packages are fictious and you should not try to find run create these.

For each department there is a dedicated server which hosts the department file share. The company also has a central print server for printing shared between all staff Web server for hosting the company website and a Network Attached Storage NAS device for storing backing up critical data. The company has access to an unstaffed storage location in Bradford UK should anything need to be stored or run off-site but this is not currently utilised.

COCS70665 Proposal For Virtualisation Assignment – UK

In the current financial climate the company is struggling financially and is looking into ways of cutting down on their expenditure. One area that has been identified by the management for saving costs is the machine replacement cycle. In order to keep hardware current all hardware is on a biannual once every 6 months replacement cycle. The other area that has been identified is the various servers and storage devices being run in the server room.

The executive is looking into ways of optimising the design delivery mechanism and reducing the number of servers and storage devices in the server room by exploring the latest technologies such as virtualisation and cloud computing for providing traditional IT services.

The executive management needs to identify the various ways in which virtualisation
and cloud computing could be utilised for delivering the various designs and reducing the number of servers currently being used by the company.

The company already has access to VMware based virtualisation software but before they go ahead and implement a VMWare virtualisation solution they would like to know the various other virtualisation technologies available for this purpose. Based on the paper you have been tasked to complete the company would like to ensure that the use of VMware based virtualisation technology is the right way forward.

In order for the executive management to make a decision an initial critical comparison study between the VM ware based virtualisation software and the various other solutions to be carried out.

Also a simple proof of concept study needs to be carried out to evaluate the solution.

Your Task :-
Implementation Solution and Report
To carry out this study the Vault Technologies Ltd CEO has commissioned you to design and proto type an implementation of a virtualisation solution and a technical report.

The report should:
• Give a brief overview of the current scenario and identify the benefits and risks of implementing virtualisation at targeted points within the infrastructure.
• Give a brief overview of the different virtualisation technologies available and critically compare these technologies with VMware. To improve the document readability and reduce the number of words try to use graphs tables and figures.
o A comparison of 3 total solutions as a minimum is required
• Based on the comparison of the virtualisation technologies give your recommendations on whether VMware based virtualisation is the right way forward or an alternative technology would be better.

COCS70665 Proposal For Virtualisation Assignment – UK

The implementation solution should:
• Implement a virtualisation solution at any point where virtualisation would be appropriate. This can be any valid solution to the issue and does NOT require to be a
VMWare solution although a VMWare solution is just as valid.
• Your implementation solution should be implemented on a smaller scale as a proof
of concept by using:
o A Suitable Implementation where a cloud deployment is recommended discuss this with your tutor if you feel this is the correct way forward.
o ESXi wherever Type 1 hypervisor deployment is recommended.
o VMWare Workstation wherever a Type 2 hypervisor deployment is recommended.
o FreeNAS where a SAN/NAS Solution is recommended.
If you have any questions on your own implementation please contact your tutor who will be able to provide additional guidance.
• Recommend an implementation schedule considering the impacts to social legal and environmental changes with in the infrastructure.

Individual Reports :-
You will need to produce the following in the form of a recommendation report word
count = 3000 +/-10%. Ensure that all your work is word processed in a Microsoft office format. In addition ensure that all your work is referenced where applicable using Harvard referencing style notation.

COCS70665 Proposal For Virtualisation Assignment – UK

COCS70665 Proposal For Virtualisation Assignment

The following sections this is not a definitive guide you may add sections change
names need to be included as part of the report.

1. Front cover
2. Table of Contents
3. Benefits and risks of using virtualisation in the current scenario.

Give an overview of the current scenario and identify the benefits and risks of implementing a virtualised cloud solution for this scenario.

4. Comparison of virtualization or cloud solutions
Give an overview of the different technologies available and critically compare these
technologies with comparable competitors . It is highly recommended that you use
tables and graphs.

5.Your Implementation solution
Give an overview with diagrams your proposed solution with accurate detail
including diagrams addressing the primary needs and concerns of the business.

6.Your Implementation Proof of Concept
Implement a proof of concept solution. Demonstrate that your system using screenshots as figures meets the requirements of the business.

7. Recommendations
Recommend an implementation plan giving reference to the social legal and environmental impacts where relevant.

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