Computing Assessment – UK

Unit Title :- Computing
Assignment Type :-  Assessment
Scenario :- You work for a company called Melody Software Solutions and you have been hired to develop an information system for Feel Good Health care. FeelGood Health care is a private health care company with clinics throughout the country. They cater for in patients and out patients In patients may stay in wards in any one of their clinics whilst they receive treatment. Both inpatients and outpatients can receive a range of treatments involving a range of minor operations and procedures using equipment or drugs supplied by a variety of suppliers.
Computing Assessment – UK
Computing Assessment

The company would like an information system to manage many different aspects of
the clinics operations including managing patients treatment details drugs inventory equipment inventory information about wards appointments doctors nurses and receptionists. Receptionists are paid wages while doctors and nurses are on salaries.

The receptionists work on a rota system as they are part time staff.
The information system will be all encompassing in the sense that it will provide a service for the medical staff as well as the human resources staff.

The information system should be able to store multiple addresses for members of staff.
When patients come for appointments they need to be managed so that they are seen in the correct order by doctors or other medical staff.

If certain medical items are running low then the system would flag this as the case. Medical items could be medicines or disposable items such as rubber gloves for example. As with drugs used in the clinics the system needs to keep details about suppliers for assorted medical equipment.

Patient records are to be kept on the new system for easy access when medical staff are diagnosing and treating patients.

Some times the staff need to order new equipment or drugs and in this case they require supplier details in order to do so and they do not always order the same item from the same supplier every time.

The system should store the necessary information to enable this.
The information system will provide the payroll function whereby it will maintain rotas and calculate wages for receptionists as well as maintaining payslip and P30 information for doctors and nurses.

The system will calculate receptionists monthly wages using time sheet details that it also stores based on hours worked.

Computing Assessment – UK

As the Business Analyst you will carry out the analysis and design of the system using an Object Oriented approach to analysis and design.

Task 1
Produce a requirement analysis document for Feel Good.

Task 2
Briefly describe Object Oriented approach for analysis and design and evaluate its use for Feel Good Healthcare.

Task 3
Using data modelling tools design ER diagram for FeelGood Healthcare. Also create database using any relational database modelling tool.

Computing Assessment – UK

Task 4
With the help of Unified Modelling Language create following Diagrams for Feel Good Healthcare:
 Class Diagram
 Component Diagram
 Use case Diagram
 Activity Diagram

Task 5
In detail describe issues about IS security individual privacy intellectual property and legal obligations relative to FeelGood information systems

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