CP5CS73E Human Centred Computing ASsignment 1 – UK

Module Code  :- CP5CS73E
Module Title :- Human Centred Computing
Weighting :-  50%
Structure of assignment :-
This assignment has one element. Each element has a specific weighting, and its own criteria. The learning outcomes of the module are assessed by a successful completion of all the elements. Feedback will be provided within 15 working days.
CP5CS73E Human Centred Computing ASsignment 1 – UK

CP5CS73E Human Centred Computing ASsignment 1

Extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.
Extensions will be for 10 days or less. Documentary evidence will be required. Extensions must be agreed before the deadline.

Learning outcomes :-
LO 1 Understand and demonstrate the ability to apply principles from human computer interaction to interactive systems design.
LO 2 Evaluate interactive systems quantitatively and qualitatively for their ease of use by target customer groups.
LO 4 Understand and demonstrate the ability to apply the principles of user interface design and information architecture to trans-mediated and multi modal interactive systems.

Element 1

Title :- Redesign the given system in terms of usability and user experience goals and interaction design principles.

Task details :-
You will be responsible for the redesign of a specified interactive system (see Appendix). You should become familiar with the design problem.

Activity 1
Based upon your understanding of Chapter 1 of the Interaction Design text book Preece Rogers and Sharp) choose five usability and user experience goals which you think will be useful in redesigning each of the following two tasks: Define energy usage in terms of spending & usage and the Setting Up initial programme. You must choose at least two usability goals and two user experience goals in the five you will discuss per task. This means you will present three of one type and two of another, i.e., two usability and three user experience, or two usability and three user experience.

CP5CS73E Human Centred Computing ASsignment 1 – UK

CP5CS73E Human Centred Computing ASsignment

The usability goals must be drawn from effectiveness efficiency safety utility learnability and memorability.

The user experience goals must be drawn from satisfying enjoyable fun entertaining, helpful motivating aesthetically pleasing, supportive of creativity rewarding and emotionally fulfilling (see Chapter 1 of Interaction Design Texbook).

Write a short paragraph for each goal you have chosen for each task (10 paragraphs in total= discussing five goals per task justifying why the goal is particularly important to these designs. Your justification must consider the purpose of the applications the characteristics of the users and the types of information that is gathered by the application. Your justification should demonstrate a clear understanding of that goal – a definition of the goal on its own will not suffice.

For each usability and user experience goal justified include a plausible measurable criterion that you would use to evaluate the redesign e.g. ideal time in which the task can be completed in seconds or minutes percentage of users agreeing that the user interface is exciting or enjoyable.

Case Study: Sweet home smart home energy monitor — a UX case study

CP5CS73E Human Centred Computing ASsignment

1.Introduction :-
Today more and more smart devices are entering your home. These are regular house hold items like a TV or fridge but now these items can sense information about you and pass it along. As you fill your home with these smart devices how can they let you and your family know more about your energy usage to help you save more money?

2. Project Overview & The Challenge
Utility bills are light on information. They only tell us 1) how much electricity water or gas we have used and 2) how much we have to pay. Unfortunately that’s about it. If we want to cut our energy use to save money, we should do a guessing game. We either have to try to axe our unnecessary consumption as a whole or simply guess which devices are heavy users. Best solution comes to mind might be buying smart home devices which enable us to control home appliances remotely and reduce the power usage. But the problem is that the smart home devices only help in controlling and generating automation which does a big favour but is not enough. There are no data about monthly spending estimated bills and energy usage reduction tips in such devices.

How ever Home Energy Monitors connect to your circuit breaker. They allow you to track your energy consumption with much finer detail and cut your energy consumption with.

3 Goal
So the goal of this project is to design an intelligent energy monitoring system which enables users to track energy usage of any device control and set up routines for home appliances get notifications for devices left turned on and view a timeline of daily home activity. With Sweet Home users can get an insight of their electricity, water, and gas bills, while they can pay them with one tap.

4 Objectives
 Energy Consumption: Home owners see a visual report of energy usage to get readings of how their house operates and gain intuition about power consumption.
 Home Appliances Control: Users can easily control gadgets from any where.
 Real-time cost tracking: Tracking the cost of energy consumption in real-time will allow users to watch as their electricity consumption and costs increase or decrease.

5.User Tasks:
Define energy usage in terms of spending and usage:
Users (Homeowner) can define energy usage and spending targets to generate and manage the monthly household budgets and avoid unexpected expenses.
Notifications for energy efficiency help to verify spurious utility billing and save more money on monthly bills.

Setting Up initial programme:
Engineers need to set up the initial programme and check the installations are correct.

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