CW1 Portfolio of Sampling Methods Assignment – UK.

Overview :-
The portfolio of sampling methods will test learning outcome one to ‘evaluate appropriate sampling techniques for an array of invertebrate taxa by examining a range of techniques encountered during the module or elsewhere detailing scenarios for the appropriate use of the method and an example of its use from the literature.
CW1 Portfolio of Sampling Methods Assignment – UK.

CW1 Portfolio of Sampling Methods Assignment

Content :-
A portfolio for this assessment simply means a collection of sections that do not need to include an introduction or conclusions section or text to link sections together. Each should be presented as a standalone information piece. The portfolio should include four sections each on a different method as outlined below:

  1. A method to sample active invertebrates from the ground layer
  2. A method to sample sedentary invertebrates from the ground layer
  3. A method to sample invertebrates in the herb or shrub layer
  4. A method to sample flying invertebrates

These methods may be those encountered from the course or during your reading. You should aim for around 750 words for each of the four methods, in a concise scientific style. For each of the four methods above you should outline the following:

1.An explanation of when it would be appropriate to use the method
2.How it is used correctly
3.Any variations/modifications in the methods and how these affect its efficacy and efficiency
4.The pros and cons of the method vs other methods.

These points should use evidence from the primary literature (journal articles) or from text books. You should use figures to support your points but make sure they are appropriately cited. Include a reference list following the style of the Journal of Insect Conservation. Guidelines can be found here in the instructions for authors section

The format can also be seen in past issues of the journal.

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