EBUS636 MSc Sustainable Supply Chain Management Assignment – UK

Subject Code :- EBUS636
Unit Title :- MSc Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Sustainability is seen as a strategic issue for most business firms and organisations even those that have previously given it lip service are now having to show tangible action. Why Stake holder pressure is forcing firms to operationalise and embed their sustain ability strategy into their organisation’s DNA. Some organisations are seeing that be taking a sustainability focus and utilising their supply chain they are able to improve their share price and market share others however are finding it more difficult to adopt and adapt to these changes see for example: Why is that?
EBUS636 MSc Sustainable Supply Chain Management Assignment – UK

EBUS636 MSc Sustainable Supply Chain Management Assignment

You have been commissioned as a news paper reporter to write a maximum 3,000 word review article this is a total word count figure see course handbook in Canvas for the Financial Times using academic models theories concepts tools and techniques that you have recently learnt on a leading FTSE 100 company your article will be published as a feature piece on how companies are demonstrating success in sustainability through utilising supply chain strategy and what challenges and barriers they have come across and how they have managed to overcome them. You are also asked to think like a futurologist and give your in sights based on your research, on where you think things are going in the future and how the company should position itself.

In order to write your article you will need to:

Select a FTSE100 firm. Provide an history and context of the firm, its industry and past current and predicted performance (using appropriate frameworks and financial, market and industry data).

Using appropriate theories concepts and frameworks learnt in this module you need to conduct a general analysis (using publicly available data e.g. company reports newspaper clippings etc) of your case firm. You should include its corporate and in particular its supply and sustainability strategies.

Identify what you see as the key supply chain and sustainability challenges facing the firm past present and future. Your answer should utilise appropriate theories, concepts and frame works from the module material.

Offer YOUR thoughts based on your analysis, on how the company should use its supply strategy to improve its sustainable position you should discuss what ‘success’ might look like incorporating a social environmental and economic perspective. Your analysis should also include financial market and industry data to support your strategic predications. You should aim to predict forward in the short, medium and long-term – however you define this.

Data sources:
• Lecture slides – readings that have already been given.
• University Library Databases:
• Financial Times
• Electronic Journals (See library searches)
• Books
• Consultancy Reports e.g Gold man Sachs etc

How will your article be assessed?
1.Writing style approach referencing and clarity. I am looking for a clearly written and argued thought piece. You should have a clear structure that addresses the question. Your article should begin with a short abstract summarising your piece. You should clearly reference any sources that you use.

2.You should make sure that you have addressed the question and have used the theories models tools and techniques that have been taught to you on this module. You should show clear under standing of their application to this problem.

3.You are required to conduct some secondary research of companies make sure you reference your sources the level and detail of this information will improve your paper but importantly I am looking for your ability to take this information, assimilate it and apply it. Simply copying data is from public sources will not suffice. You must USE the data to support your arguments. You must then use appropriate frame works from the course to help you explain and make sense of the data.

4. I am interested in how you make your arguments and bring them together to assess and develop interesting conclusions and future predictions. You MUST demonstrate your understanding and use of the theories models and concepts learnt on the module and synthesise them with the data you have collected. You should then show the link to the predictions that you are making from the data and models.

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