Effective Communication Hand book Assignment – UK

BTEC Assignment Brief :-
Qualification : Pearson BTEC Level 3 Diploma in the Principles and Practice for Pharmacy Technicians
Unit number and title : Unit 1: Principles of Person Centred Approaches for Pharmacy Technicians
Assignment title :- Effective communication handbook
Task 1 :- Health and Safety Workbook
Effective Communication Hand book Assignment – UK

Effective Communication Hand book Assignment

Vocational Scenario or Context :-
As a Registered Pharmacy Technician an important aspect of your practice will involve you interacting with colleagues patients and multi-agency professionals.You will need to reflect skills associated with effective communication person centred approaches and safeguarding in pharmacy services.

Your line manager has asked you to produce three resources that will be used during CPD principally for the Registered Pharmacy Technicians to support this important aspect of modern pharmacy practice. Specific details are provided below.

Task 1 :-
You have been asked by your line manager to produce a hand book entitled ‘A Pharmacy Technicians Guide to Effective Communication’.
Your line manager has provided a structure with some guidance for you to follow:

A.Front cover

I.Content page

Chapter 1:
The Purpose of communication with in Pharmacy You should produce a written description of the ten main purposes of communication with in Pharmacy. For each purpose you should describe the reasoning for its importance and include an example/case study of when it is applied.
The main purposes are listed as:
(1) gaining consent;
(2) involving others;
(3) involving other professionals;
(4)supporting others;
(5) enabling others;
(6) listening and understanding;
(7) give information to individuals and other professionals
(8) advise on pharmacy related matters
(9) obtain information from individuals and other professionals and (10) adapt information for individuals and other professionals.

Chapter 2: Communication and Responsibilities
• Produce a short account that will collectively summarise the different responsibilities legal organisational and professional of a registered Pharmacy Technician in relation to communication in pharmacy services.Please ensure that you include a one legal b one organisational and c one professional responsibility.

Chapter 3: The importance of effective communication
• For this chapter you should assess likely impacts of effective communication across pharmacy organisations ensuring that you include consideration of its impact You may wish to include case studies or examples to support your assessment Remember to draw a conclusion as to how important effective communication is for individuals employees of the organisations and for the organisation.

Chapter 4: What is motivational interviewing
• For this chapter you will need to provide a basic description for each of the key principles of motivational inter viewing.

Effective Communication Hand book Assignment – UK

Effective Communication Hand book Assignment

Chapter 5: Techniques for challenging situations
• For this chapter you will need to explain at least four different techniques that can be used for managing challenging situations Remember to give specific examples to support the points you make.

Chapter 6 Environments for open and confidential discussions
• For this section of your handbook, you should describe techniques features which are employed with in a pharmacy in order to provide a suitable environment for open and confidential discussions to takeplace.

Chapter 7: Challenges to communication
• For this chapter you should explain four different challenges to communication encountered with in a pharmacy technician role Remember to give examples or scenarios in order to support the points made.

Chapter 8: Support and services available
• For this final chapter you should describe at least three different sources of support / services available to enable which will enhance and improve communication within pharmacy. • Reference /Bibliography

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