EG7031 Intelligent Transport System Assignment – UK

Module Code :- EG7031
Module title :- Intelligent Transport System
Assignment title :- Individual Coursework
Assignment number :- 1
Weighting :- 100%
Learning outcomes assessed by this assignment :- Learning Outcome 1-6
EG7031 Intelligent Transport System Assignment – UK

EG7031 Intelligent Transport System Assignment

Project Brief
1. System performance
Figure Q1.1 shows a section of a road network around a major city consisting of 16 nodes and 22 links. The travel time on each link (in minutes) is as depicted.
a) Find the route with the shortest path from Node 9 to Node 16 using Dijkstra algorithm by hand. Show all your work including a tabular summary of the steps and the final results.
b) Determine the route with the shortest time from Node 1 to Node 15 assuming System Optimum conditions apply.
Use a suitable optimization software such as Matlab for this problem.Make sure to state the software used and include all the input data.
c) Assuming the coordinates of the nodes (junctions) of the network are as shown in Table Q1.1 use a suitable mapping software to show the shortest path determined in b) on a UK map.

In your asnwers clearly show all the appropriate steps you took to arrive at your answers in a) and b). The inputs and outputs from the software used in c) should also be documented in your report. Provide high quality diagrams to depict your results in order to get top marks.

EG7031 Intelligent Transport System Assignment

EG7031 Intelligent Transport System Assignment

2. Management of transport systems

EG7031 Intelligent Transport System Assignment

A borough in charge of a city plans to adopt intelligent transportation systems solution to improve travel on their network for two locations A and B.
Analysis shows the three alternative routes between the origin-destination pair A-B have travel times which is related to the volume rate of flow (Figure Q2.1). If xi (i = 1, 2, 3) represents the number of vehicles per unit time the travel times are given by equations 1, 2, and 3:

If 1000 vehicles per unit time leave A, determine the optimal division of traffic between the three routes so that
a) the overall travel times will be minimized
b) the total disutility in commuter-hours will be minimized
c) based on the results obtained b) recommend two Intelligent Transport System solutions for improving travel in the borough Briefly explaining the reasons for your choices.

3. Transportation modelling
Briefly discuss how transportation planning is intricably linked with land use planning in urban areas. Discussion should include the major factors often in many transport demand models.

4.Transport and the environment
Discuss the main problems related to the sustainability of modern transportation systems and how technology could be used to address them.

Top marks to be awarded to well-presented submission satisfying all submission requirements.

Submission Requirements :-
1.Work is to be word processed and this should be in a clear legible type face.
2.All the work must be the student’s own. All written work to be put through Turnitin
and final report included with submission
3.Submissions must be properly structured this may involve pre-planning your work. The report must have an introduction a contents page rationale and conclusion as well as the main subject matter.
4.All figures and tables must be appropriately titled within the body of the text.
5.All pages should be clearly numbered.
6.A bibliography and/or any references used must be provided. Referencing to be Harvard Notation (if in doubt, check ‘Cite them Right’).
7.Sketches may be in pencil with inked notes or produced by computer.
8.Calculations must be logically laid out so that they can be easily checked.
9.All work submitted must have a front sheet that clearly shows the student ID module code and title module instructor (s) academic term and academic year.
10.The work must be submitted on MOODLE “Turnitin” before the deadline.
11.Work which is submitted after the deadline but with in 24 hours of the due date and time will have 5% deduction in the marks submission which is beyond 24 hours will receive zero marks unless extenuating circumstances are approved.

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