EN2350 Essay Assignment – UK

Subject Code :- EN2350
Assessment Type :- Essay Assignment
Answer one question You are required to make substantial and detailed reference to the work of at least two authors of the period the intellectual frame work of your essay and the depth of textual analysis should reflect a substantial amount of the reading and thinking you have done over the semester. Credit will also be given where there is evidence of an informed engagement with scholarly editions and/or the original print and/or manuscript sources.
EN2350 Essay Assignment – UK

EN2350 Essay Assignment

When a question contains a quotation or quotations, that material is an important part of the question. To write an answer that is marked well on relevance to the question one of the marking criteria you must address the issues raised by the quotation(s) even if you choose not to write at any length about the work from which any given quotation is taken.

References to answering on ‘the literature of the period’ mean that you should take your examples from works written between 1660 and 1789. You do not need to cover the whole of that period.

The word limit is 3000 words this means you are strictly limited to 3000 words including footnotes but excluding the Bibliography and must not go beyond that. You may include images of print and/or manuscript materials where appropriate

Make sure that you understand the regulations on plagiarism and guidelines on the presentation of work. These can be found in the English Under graduate Programme Guide. Remember to leave sufficient time to check you have appropriately credited all works used.

1. Discuss the relationship between libertinism and class in the literature of this period.

2.Libertine masculinity not only systematically dehumanizes women it also commodifies them reducing the female subject to a product of limited and temporary value (Andrew P. Williams). Discuss.

3.But though St. James has the honour on’t
’Tis consecrate to Prick and Cunt. 10
There by a most incestuous birth
Strange woods spring from the teeming earth,
For they relate how heretofore,
When ancient Pict began to whore,
Deluded of his assignation

(Jilting it seems was then in fashion),
Poor pensive lover, in this place,
Would frig upon his mother’s face,
Whence rows of mandrakes tall did rise
Whose lewd tops fucked the very skies.

Write an essay on the representation of London in the literature of this period.

4.Write an essay on sexuality in the literature of this period.

5. Horner: Come for my part I will have only those glorious manly pleasures of being very drunk and very slovenly. Examine the figure of the rake in the literature of this period.

6.Write an essay on form and/or genre in the literature of this period.

7.A heavenly image in the glass appears,
To that she bends, to that her eyes she rears;
Th’ inferior priestess, at her altar’s side,
Trembling, begins the sacred rites of pride.

EN2350 Essay Assignment – UK

In the light of this quotation examine the relationship between the sacred and the profane in literature of this period.

8. Imagination and wit render the object of attack amusing or ridiculous (Jonathan Greenberg). In the light of this quotation examine the use of wit and/or satire in the literature of this period.

9.Explore the representation of morality and/or sin in the literature of this period.

10.According to scholars, depictions of emotion in the literature of the eighteenth century provided not only a space for experiment and a platform for social change but also a way to articulate and understand the early modern individual.

EN2350 Essay Assignment

In the light of this quotation write an essay on sensibility in the literature of this period.

11. In this situation the women become neither the slaves nor the idols of the other sex but the friends and companions Explore Millar’s assertion that with increasing civilisation politeness and refinement comes gender equality in this period.

12.Examine the theme and construction of identity in the literature of this period.

13.Ye blooming plants of human race divine,
An Ethiop tells you ’tis your greatest foe;
Its transient sweetness turns to endless pain,
And in immense perdition sinks the soul.
Write an essay on notions on the Self and/or otherness in the literature of this period.

14.Thus she—But now her Dish-kettle began
To boil and blubber with the foaming Bran.
The greasy Apron round her Hips she ties,
And to each Plate the scalding Clout applies:
The purging Bath each glowing Dish refines,
And once again the polish’d Pewter shines.

EN2350 Essay Assignment – UK

Write an essay on how social class features in the writing of this period.

15.[S]he sat like a cypher, whom to nobody belonging, by nobody was noticed (Evelina, Volume III, Letter XIV). Examine the ways in which writings of the period explore bodies and/or nobodies.

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