ENGM264 Infrastructure Systems Assignment – UK

Unit Code & Title :- ENGM264 Infrastructure Systems Inter dependencies And Resilience
Assessment Type :-  Assignment Coursework
Unit of Assessment weighting :-  30%
Learning Outcomes :-
This course work will allow the student to:
• Gain knowledge of how disasters unfold
• Appreciate how disasters are dealt with at the city scale and their systemic consequences
• Provide pointers to how systemic failures are managed to recovery
• Translate specific lessons learned into contingency planning to help with future extreme events
ENGM264 Infrastructure Systems Assignment – UK

ENGM264 Infrastructure Systems Assignment

Whilst aiming at the energy and transport sectors important principles that work across other sectors will be learned.

3. Task :-
Super Storm Sandy caused havoc when it passed New York in November 2012. It caused disruption to infrastructure services including outages of utilities communications and mobile phone networks.

ENGM264 Infrastructure Systems Inter dependencies And Resilience Assignment – UK

This coursework asks for a review of the storm’s impacts in New York in the energy and transport sectors and a list of lessons learned that could be used as a checklist for other city administrations.

Your report will consider the above and make recommendations for preparations by city authorities.

The coursework needs to show thought around the following points:

• The evolution of the storm from a weather perspective
• How the infrastructure operators reacted
• How the Mayor’s office and city administrators reacted
• Systemic consequences:
− Why were there failures across networks?
− How did the utilities and communications organisations respond?
• Lessons learned and contingency planning leading to actions that city administrations could take for future events
• Who is in overall control before during and after the event

ENGM264 Infrastructure Systems Assignment – UK

ENGM264 Infrastructure Systems Assignment

A number of indicative reference material that will be useful for the coursework includes the following:

• A Stronger More Resilient New York
• Federal response to Hurricane Katrina – Lessons learnt
• A performance review of FEMA’s Disaster Management Activities in Response to Hurricane Katrina
• ISO 14090 Adaptation to climate change

4. Marking Criteria
The breakdown of the marks for each question are as follows:
ENGM264 Infrastructure Systems Inter dependencies And Resilience Assignment

The presentation of the report will be expected to be professional which includes the following:
• Title page including name and URN number of student;
• Consistent numbering of sections, pages, tables and figures;
• Consistent use of styles (fonts and sizes) for headers and body text;
• Well formatted and appropriately sized figures and tables with descriptive captions for each
• Correct and to the point language;
• Inclusion of a reference section and correct use of references and citations;
• Section headings that match the headings in the marking scheme;
• The style and formatting must be consistent over the whole report.

The report should be limited to 15 pages maximum single-spaced excluding appendices. Submission should be through SurreyLearn using the coursework assignment submission folder that will be created.

The University grade descriptors against which the work is marked are available in SurreyLearn in the same coursework folder.

ENGM264 Infrastructure Systems Assignment – UK

5. Feedback opportunities
You are welcome to ask for advice when working on your coursework as you may get stuck or you need any clarifications. The best opportunities would be to ask directly during the face-to-face seminars and/or post questions on the SurreyLearn discussion forum that is specifically created for the coursework.

6. Feedback form
The feedback form that will be used to return back feedback after marking your submission is shown below:

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